Alpinestars Motorcycle Gear Bag Review

Review by Troy Siahaan
[This Alpinestars Motorcycle Gear Bag Review was originally published in the March 2007 issue of Rider magazine]

The life of a motojournalist can be rough at times, but somebody has to do it. I mean, I have to lug my riding gear around the world and ride motorcycles, can you imagine? Thankfully Alpinestars feels my pain and provided me with its Gear Bag to help make my travels easier. I’ve logged plenty of miles with this motorcycle bag and through it all, the Gear Bag has held all my belongings and then some.

The first thing I noticed when I received the bag was its sheer size. At 100 liters, it’s big, really big. In fact, the security agent at the airport measured the length, height and width at 69 inches total, 7 inches more than the allowable limit. Nevertheless, so far I haven’t had a problem checking it on my flights (because of my charm, perhaps?), but know that one day I may have to cough up the extra money to bring the bag with me. Don’t be confused by its big size, though. When empty, the Gear Bag is really light, and of course you’ll never have encounters with size-conscious security guards in the car.

Other than that, the Gear Bag has been a great travel companion. Its 100 percent nylon construction makes it durable for the long haul while the oversized roller bearing wheels and telescoping grab handle make the Gear Bag easy to roll around. Inside, the oversized main compartment has plenty of room for any riding gear I care to bring. I could fit a small village in there if I had to. The fully lined and scratch-resistant helmet pocket keeps it well protected during my travels while the separate boot compartment is water and dirt resistant.

OK, I’m not kidding anyone when I say my job is rough, but hauling my gear around is an issue. Thanks to the Gear Bag things are that much easier.


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