Dan Vesel Soft Motorcycle Luggage Support Bracket Review

Review by James Parchman
[This Dan Vesel Soft Motorcycle Luggage Support Bracket Review was originally published in the November 2006 issue of Rider magazine]

The advantages of soft motorcycle luggage on a motorcycle are many-lightweight, priced right and made of materials that stand up to the elements. Newer types are available color matched and with options that allow expansion via the addition of matching seatbags. Soft luggage systems are also easy to remove after a day of riding; press the quick releases and the bags can be carried away in one hand. Try that with a set of hard cases. Finally, whether you ride a Husky, Harley or Hayabusa, there’s a soft luggage system that perfectly fits your machine.

We installed a new set of soft saddlebags on our Suzuki V-Strom 650 in preparation for a cross-country trip. The bags fit well on the right side, which has the factory muffler guard. However, the fit on the left side of the bike was not as snug as we would like. On an online V-Strom enthusiast site we saw comments on a Left Side Dan Vesel Soft Motorcycle Luggage Support Bracket and decided to give it a try. We placed an order on Friday and it arrived in our mailbox on Monday.

Though light in weight, durability should not be a problem as the bracket is made from 5/8-inch steel tubing with the bag support of 1/8-inch aluminum. Our bracket came in a textured black finish; it is also available in silver, which matches the right-side muffler guard. Automotive lacquer is used for the primer and final coat, adding eye appeal and longevity.

Vesel’s support bracket has become an integral part of our Strom, and after several thousand miles of good roads and bad with bags loaded heavier than recommended, it still looks like new and shows no sign of loosening or flexing. In short, it has performed as intended.

Does $50 seem like a lot for a little metal? Just look at other small shiny items from OEM and aftermarket suppliers to see what a bargain this is. The shipping charge was $8. Unlike some companies who use shipping as a profit center, the postmark on the box showed the actual cost was $8.25. Tough, high capacity and quickly detachable, all for about $50. Fits all models and years, too.

Dan Vesel also produces rider/passenger backrests, skid plates, oil cooler guards and a trick highway peg system for V-Stroms. Got a custom product request? This company is small enough to listen, though delivery could take some time; business is so good they are having trouble meeting demand for current products!


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