Chase Harper CR-2 Soft Motorcycle Luggage Review

Review by Ken Freund

 Chase Harper CR-2 Soft Motorcycle Luggage
Chase Harper CR-2 Soft Motorcycle Luggage

Chase Harper, long known as a source of motorcycle luggage and accessories, recently introduced a line of soft bags called CR2 that fit and work well on sporting machines, or others for that matter.

Chase Harper’s line of CR2 motorcycle soft luggage consists of a tankbag, seatbag and saddlebags, all made of non-waterproof 1,000-denier Cordura in a gray and black combination that blends with most any motorcycle color scheme. Underneath, soft, grippy Slip-Not material helps keep the bags from sliding around on the bike. All have 3M reflective strips sewn-in for added conspicuity. Stiffeners are incorporated to keep the shape, and smooth gliding double-pull zippers make it easy to get in and out quickly.

The CR2 Magnetic Tank Bag has new, more-powerful magnet technology (said to be six times stronger) that reduces weight, yet grips the tank tenaciously. This innovation, combined with the curved base that fits the tank better, ensure the bag will stay in place. We found that it really does cling to the tank, even at high speeds.

A zigzag bungee cord on top will hold a water bottle, and a removable clear map pouch can be attached over it. There are also outer and inner zippered pockets for storing small items such as sunglasses and cell phones. A handy pair of removable shoulder straps and a soft webbing handle allow the tankbag to be carried easily when you reach your destination. Overall dimensions are 14 by 9 by 4.5 inches; for approximately 11.5 liters of volume. Suggested retail is $79.95.

Chase’s CR2 Tail Trunk styling is matched to the CR2 tankbag and saddlebags. Overall it’s 11 by 20 by 9 inches for a claimed 32.5 liters of capacity. It’s designed to hold enough stuff for a short trip, with room to carry a pair of shoes and some clothing and toiletries. You can use it alone or with the saddlebags. Either way you’ll have some useful room for essential items.

On top is a zigzag bungee cord setup similar to the tankbag’s. Under the lid is a roomy internal pocket. Underneath, full-length zippers provide a stowage space for the adjustable bungee cords and tie-down hooks. A soft webbing handle makes carrying easy. Suggested retail is also $79.95.

The CR2 Saddle Bags are tapered in a wedge shape from front to back. They have an over-the-seat design that uses cross straps with hook-and-loop material to adjust the distance between bags. Both bags ride higher than ordinary saddlebags to clear the high-mounted mufflers found on so many sportbikes. They also have less chance of getting caught in a wheel. By riding high on the tail section they aren’t likely to get burned by the exhaust. However, they also give up a considerable amount of potential capacity. Dimensions are 14 by 9 by 10.5 inches (per side), for a claimed 43.4 liters of volume, and rated capacity is 10 pounds per side.

An unusual feature is the fold-down system that allows the bags to be tucked in tight to the bike when they are empty. Each bag has a handle for carrying. There are also two triangular attachment points for an additional tie-down system or a shoulder strap. Four quick-disconnect securing straps allow the bags to be installed or removed quickly. Suggested retail is $84.95.

We’ve found the bags to be of excellent quality with good design work and attractive styling. They should provide years of service and hold a modicum of essential items for trips of moderate length.


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