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Texas Motorcycle Rides

Wonderful West Texas

Big bikes enjoying the winding River Road in Big Bend. (Photo: Brewster County Tourism)

The Lone Star State is huge, and this land of cattle, oil fields and tall pickups seems even bigger from the saddle of a motorcycle. Near the end of a recent and long tour of Texas, I found a hidden treasure. Nestled between the Rio Grande and New Mexico rests an area that features some of the best riding Texas ...

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Meandering the Texas Hill Country


What better synonyms are there for riding than “motorcycles” and “Texas”? No matter your type of riding, the Texas Hill Country—the south-central area in and around Fredericksburg—will certainly appeal to your motorcycling instincts. The Fredericksburg area was settled by German immigrants in the middle 19th century. Because strict inheritance laws in Germany gave the eldest son basically everything, many disinherited ...

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Twisted Sisters: The Texas Hill Country’s Most Famous Trio


Three Hill Country Ranch Roads, 335, 336 and 337, are known throughout Texas as the Twisted Sisters, and riders come from near and far to enjoy them. For me it is near, just a short ride from my home to the first Sister. The first stop is usually in Bandera at the Old Spanish Trails Restaurant, better known to everyone ...

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Wild Texas: A Winter Ride to Big Bend

web-IMG_0931 Sierra del Carmen at sunset copy

When winter drifts into North Texas, those of us who ride year-round seek more agreeable climates, yet never have to leave the state. Big Bend National Park, where the Rio Grande does a U-turn on the border between Mexico and Texas, is very attractive between November and April. During the summer months, ground temperatures there can be as high as ...

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Spring in Big Bend, Texas


story and photography by Laura Melvin Three old riders, two motorcycles and one honeymoon, a week before the wedding. It doesn’t take much to justify a road trip, so Eleanor and I took Lew, her soon-to-be husband, on their honeymoon. We left Carlsbad, New Mexico, on Highway 285, heading to Big Bend National Park (named for the great U-turn the ...

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Italian Bikes in a German Town: Aprilias in East Texas


by Steve Natt; photography by the author and Ted Phillips It was with more than a modicum of skepticism that I fielded the invitation to attend a weekend riding “some of the most beautiful roads in America,” in Texas, on exotic, high-performance Italian motorcycles. Reading the fine print had me really shaking my head like Scooby-Doo—a large contingent of Italophiles ...

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Texas Motorcycle Rides: The Texas Forest Trail

Texas-Motorcycle Touring-Mills-03

story and photography by Don Mills [Texas Motorcycle Rides: The Texas Forest Trail was originally published as a Favorite Ride in the June 2008 issue of Rider magazine] It’s spring along the Texas Forest Trail, a 1,000-mile ribbon of two-lane asphalt that winds through East Texas. Mystical dogwoods lace the dark stands of hardwood forest like filigree. Regiments of towering ...

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Crossing Texas The Short Way

The long way is via Interstate 10 from Orange to El Paso, which will put some 850 miles on a hard-working odometer. However, if you choose the Panhandle run, the short trip on Interstate 40, which parallels I-10 about 500 miles north, the Texas crossing is a mere 178 miles. But who would want to take I-40 when the enterprising ...

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