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Bluetooth Helmet Headset Buyers Guide


Among our many reasons to ride, lots of us like to get away from the constant communication involved in daily life, to be alone in our helmets with just our thoughts and the rush of the wind. Others among us wear helmets but regret the isolation that they and wind noise bring to the motorcycling experience, craving interaction on long ...

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TeleType WorldNav 3500 GPS Product Review


Even though I derive special satisfaction from spreading out a cartographic representation of the world and plotting a route by dragging my finger along the squiggles of intriguing, promising roads, I also appreciate the value of using a GPS for navigation, especially in those serendipitous moments when curiosity and an unfamiliar road intersect. TeleType, a Boston-based software company founded 1981 ...

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GS-911 BMW Diagnostic Tool Review


[This GS-911 BMW Diagnostic Tool review was originally published in the June 2011 issue of Rider magazine] The engine management systems on today’s motorcycles are smart, efficient and reliable, but there’s little to do when your motorcycle dies except to watch a blinking fault light and wait for roadside assistance. In simpler times, when carburetors mixed air and fuel and a set of ...

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Chatterbox XBi2 Communicators Review


Riding time is “me” time, with the plush interior of my helmet providing sanctuary from email, phone calls and deadlines. No iPod, rarely a GPS, just the voice in my head. I compose Pulitzer-winning stories on such rides, but something always gets lost in translation when I finally put words on paper. But that’s on solo rides. When I’m riding ...

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Cardo Scala Rider G4 PowerSet Review


[This Cardo Scala Rider G4 PowerSet gear review was originally published in the October 2010 issue of Rider] I’ve had three on-bike communicator systems and they’ve all fallen short of their promises. Pervasive wind noise, intrusive VOX controls, buzzy static, insufficient volume and uncomfortable installations were common problems. Previous systems also required a physical connection with wires, jacks and springy cables. ...

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SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker Review


Paul was the Ennis Del Mar to my Jack Twist as we rode our trusty steeds up to Brokeback (Sawmill) Mountain. His BMW, my KTM and our unbridled bromance on the trail. We stopped occasionally to send “all OK” messages via satellite, to take happy snaps and to take in the grand ridgeline views under a cloudless, cornflower blue sky. ...

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ContourHD 1080p Helmet Video Camera Review


One thing a helmet cam has to be is simple to use, and the ContourHD 1080p has that down. This rugged little tube of anodized aluminum starts recording when you slide the long top switch forward and stops when you slide it back. It’s easy to do with gloved hands and built-in stops at either end let you know the job is ...

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GoPro HERO Motorcycle Helmet Camera Review


Review by Reg Kittrelle [This GoPro HERO Motorcycle Helmet Camera Review was originally published in the April 2010 issue of American Rider magazine] At about the size of a couple of matchboxes, the GoPro Hero video camera is just what you need when a nonrider asks, “What’s it like to ride a motorcycle?” If a picture is worth a thousand ...

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Garmin zumo 660 Motorcycle GPS Review


[This Garmin zumo 660 GPS Review was originally published in the April 2010 issue of Rider magazine] Shopping for a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation unit for your bike can be a bit confusing. Most of us have figured out that a newer model with a large, backlit, full-color 3D display is handier for everyday riding than the smaller, survival-type ...

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iMC Motorcom HS-500 iPhone Compatible Motorcycle Headset

DON’T LOSE THAT NUMBER. If you have an iPhone, then iMC Motorcom has the motorcycle headset for you. The HS-500 allows motorcycle riders to utilize the phone and music functions of their Apple iPhone and other 3.5mm jack (standard stereo headset) equipped cell phones, including the Palm Pre and Blackberry Storm. It features dual slim stereo speakers, a microphone and ...

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