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Clearwater Lights Billie Brake Light – Review

The Billie Brake Light features super bright, attention-getting red LEDs you can program for a range of flashing modes, inertial braking and more.

Clearwater Lights makes incredibly bright, programmable, auxiliary LED lighting for motorcycles. On late-model BMWs, they integrate directly with the bike’s CANbus wiring network using Clearwater’s slick CANopener module (Rider, April 2015). Another Clearwater product that leverages the CANopener is the Billie Brake Light. This red LED auxiliary brake light/taillight attaches to your Beemer’s license plate bracket and connects to the ...

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Dynaplug Micro Pro Inflator – Review

The Micro Pro Inflator comes with its own zippered carrying pouch.

Flat tires never happen at a good time or location. Motorcycles don’t carry a spare, flat-fix kits can be problematic, and when we finally do patch the tube or plug the tubeless tire, we still need a means to re-inflate it. CO2 cartridges are compact but unwieldy, and a good supply of them is necessary to fully inflate a tire. ...

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10 Last-Minute Gifts Under $50 for Motorcyclists

Clement Salvadori

Got a motorcyclist or two on your Christmas shopping list? The big day is just a little over a week away, so here are 10 last-minute gift ideas that won’t break the bank. All of them can be purchased online (links are provided) and shipped directly to you or the recipient. Aerostich Visor Cleaning Kit ($25) Keep your face shield ...

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide


A Few of Our Favorite Things… It’s that time of year again! To assist you in the search for that perfect gift, three of us on the Rider staff each assembled a few of our favorite things to review for this special Holiday Gift Guide. Every one is a much better gift for your favorite rider than a leopard-print Snuggie, ...

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ACF-50 Anti-Corrosion Formula Review


If you live in an area near bodies of fresh or salt water, or that regularly experience high humidity, snow or rain, and you own and ride motorcycles that have parts prone to corrosion, well, I suggest you move. Kidding, of course. No matter where you keep your bike it can fall victim to corrosion, particularly if you have to ...

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National Cycle VStream Windscreen for 2008-current KLR650E

National Cycle VStream Windscreen.

Reduce annoying wind noise and turbulence the next time you take to the road on your 2008 and newer Kawasaki KLR650 with VStream windscreens from National Cycle. The “V” profile pushes the wind out and away from your helmet for a smooth, quiet ride. The screens mount using OEM hardware and come in three heights/tints: “Sport,” Dark Tint ($119.95); “Sport-Touring,” ...

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MachineartMoto Protection for BMW R 1200 R/RS

MachineartMoto Avantguard.

MachineartMoto has announced several new products for the 2015-and- newer BMW R 1200 R/RS. The MudSling ($149) is made of injection-molded nylon and protects the suspension and underseat area from rocks and debris while integrating with the bike’s styling. The AvantGuard ($129), also injection molded nylon, protects the front of the engine and exhaust headers, and the X-Head_LC cylinder guards ...

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Kendon Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer Review

Kendon Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailer. A wide 3-piece ramp allows you to ride a bike on.

I can think of several ways that even a diehard street rider can make use of a motorcycle trailer. Transporting bikes for service, rescuing a broken-down machine or towing a less comfortable motorcycle across the state to a good riding area, for example. We also use our trailer to pick up test bikes when we can’t leave one behind. The ...

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New Helibars Products for BMW


HeliBars now offers products for several recent BMW models. Handlebar Risers ($129) for the R 1200 RS and K 1600 GT/GTL move the grips up and back for optimum comfort on long trips. Replacement handlebars for the R 1200 RT ($329) are 11⁄2-inch taller, 11⁄2-inch farther back and 2 inches wider than stock. The patented Horizon handlebar system for the ...

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Cee Bailey’s Sport Shield, Headlight Guard & Bag Liners Review

Cee Bailey's Sport Shield in lowest position.

Luxury sport tourers come with power adjustable windshields that let you customize airflow according to speed, weather and personal preference. The stock windshield on my 2014 BMW R 1200 RT can be adjusted to create an almost still pocket of air, but when summer weather arrives that still pocket of air gets pretty hot. The RT’s shield can be raised ...

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