Wunderlich Side Wind Deflectors for BMW GS | Gear Review

Wunderlich Wind Side Deflectors for BMW GS
Wunderlich Side Wind Deflectors fit 2017-18 R 1200 GS and 2019-23 R 1250 GS models (but not GS Adventure models) and are available in clear or tinted (shown).

After more than 17 years of riding successive generations of BMW RTs, I recently switched to riding a 2020 R 1250 GS. Even though my new-to-me GS is equipped with an oversized Puig Touring windshield, the amount of turbulence and wind noise at speed is significantly higher than it was on my former RTs. My last was a 2015 R 1200 RT equipped with the superb Werks Quiet Ride windshield, which enveloped the rider in a still pocket of calm air regardless of how fast the bike was moving. In fact, I’ve hosted several conference calls for work while traveling down the highway at extra-legal speeds, and nobody even knew I was in motion.

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Wunderlich Wind Side Deflectors for BMW GS
Wunderlich Side Wind Deflectors installed on my new-to-me 2020 BMW R 1250 GS.

In fairness, I never expected this level of protection from the GS, which is designed for adventure touring, not sport-touring like the RT. But for long highway trips and especially on cold days, I wanted more wind protection than what the stock bike offers. The hunt for solutions led me to Wunderlich Side Wind Deflectors, which fit 2017-18 R 1200 GS and 2019-23 R 1250 GS models, but not GS Adventure models.

Wunderlich Wind Side Deflectors for BMW GS

Wunderlich’s deflectors are made of scratchproof, shatterproof 5mm acrylic plastic, and they’re available in clear or the dark tinted finish shown here. The kit includes two deflectors, a one-page installation sheet, and mounting hardware. Two brackets per side provide anchor points for the winglets, secured in place with standard M5 T25 Torx hardware running through a series of stabilizing collars and sleeves. There’s a bit of play for adjustability and fine tuning, if necessary.

Wunderlich Wind Side Deflectors for BMW GS
Wunderlich Side Wind Deflectors are larger than the ones that come as standard on BMW GS Adventure models.

As expected, it’s easiest if you install everything loosely at first, and then tighten down only once final adjustment is completed. Final installation as shown took less than an hour, working methodically. The Wunderlich winglets themselves, each measuring roughly 13 x 4.25 inches at the edges, are quite a bit larger than the stock deflectors on GS Adventure models, which measure roughly 10.5 x 3.5 inches.

Out on the road, the Wunderlich Side Wind Deflectors had a significant impact on the level of wind blast, overall turbulence, and noise experienced at highway speeds. The stock GS has moderate protection for the rider’s torso, but heavy airflow to the rider’s arms. I found that adjusting the windshield to a forward position (nearly vertical) in conjunction with the installed winglets notably diverted air around both my torso and my arms. This provided significant relief on long days gobbling up miles on the slab, which can get tiresome if the rider is being blown all over the place. For hot weather rides or if otherwise desired, the winglets can be quickly removed via 3x M5 T25 Torx bolts per side, allowing for maximum airflow.

Wunderlich Wind Side Deflectors for BMW GS

Overall, the Wunderlich winglets are a worthy addition for BMW GS riders who partake in long trips at sustained high speeds, cold weather journeys, or otherwise desire a more composed operating environment. They’re priced at $289.95. (They’re also available for 2015-19 BMW S 1000 XR models for $271.95.) – Moshe K. Levy

For more information: See your dealer or visit WunderlichAmerica.com


  1. I too went from an RT to a GS and wanted better wind protection. I added both these side deflectors and the Wunderlich front lower air foil that mounts in front of the bottom of the windscreen, just above the headlight. I was amazed how these smoothed out the air and am very happy with the results.


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