New Gear: MotoBikeJack Motorcycle Jack

MotoBikeJack motorcycle jack

Ever drop a heavy bike? Picking it back up can be a real pain. And if you’re by yourself and on a soft or uneven surface, it’s even worse. That’s where the MotoBikeJack motorcycle jack comes in.

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Made of powdercoated American steel, the MotoBikeJack weighs less than 8 lb and breaks down into four pieces so it can be stowed in a 15×5-inch bag. Three shafts fit into the base, and the top shaft has a ratchet with a webbed strap and hook.

The 3,300-lb rated jack can be used to safely and securely lift a 1,000-lb motorcycle from prone to upright in just five minutes.

MotoBikeJack motorcycle jack

The MotoBikeJack retails for $216, plus shipping and handling. For more information, visit the MotoBikeJack website


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