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Other Motorcycle Reviews

Motor Trike Prowler RT – Ridden & Rated Review

Motor Trike Prowler RT (reverse trike) kit on a Honda GL 1800 Goldwing.

Today’s “trike” is not just a trike. Variants include everything from traditional units with two driven wheels at the back of a conventional motorcycle, to bolt-on kits that add two outboard rear wheels to the existing two for stability, and to newer design translations that place two steerable wheels forward and one driven wheel aft. The Prowler RT from Motor ...

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Tackling LA-Barstow-Vegas on a 2WD Ural Gear-Up

LA-Barstow-Vegas on a 2WD 2016 Ural Gear-Up.

It’s well before dawn, and the temperature is below freezing. Ben’s KTM 1190 Adventure says it’s 27 F., but Kurt’s BMW R 1200 GS is somewhat more optimistic at a balmy 31. My Ural Gear-Up is silent on the matter, perhaps in indifference to these mild temperatures. After all, it was originally built to carry Russian soldiers through snow and ...

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2017 CSC RZ3 Streetfighter – First Look Review

The 2017 CSC RZ3 streetfighter is the fourth Zongshen-built 250cc model in CSC's lineup.

After successfully launching several 250cc motorcycles, including the RX3 Adventure, CSC Motorcycles will introduce another 250cc model manufactured by China’s Zongshen. Said to be built to CSC specifications, the new RZ3 is a streetfighter with minimal bodywork and upright handlebars. If you squint a bit, you may see some similarities with Triumph’s Street Triple, especially with the red frame and ...

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The 39 Best Bikes for Smaller Riders (and Budgets)

KTM 390 Duke

You don’t need pavement-buckling torque and shoulder-wrenching power to have fun on two wheels. Among the growing number of female riders (go, girls!), younger folks wanting a fun and economical way to commute to work or school, older riders looking for something smaller and easier to manage, and regular Joes just wanting something fun to ride, demand for smaller machines has prompted ...

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2016 CSC RX3 Adventure – Road Test Review


My first “adventure tour” was a three-day ride into the backcountry on a Yamaha 175 Enduro, decades ago. From that brief introduction, I discovered two things: missing a corner can leave you upside down in a bush, and that it’s the experience, not the size of the bike, that makes a ride an adventure. Through a series of larger and ...

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Ariel 4G Square Four 1,000cc: 1937-1959

Year/Model: 1951 4G Square Four Mark I; Owner: Mike Barber, Shell Beach, California.

The magnificent Squariel! This one-liter engine was, in effect, two overhead-valve parallel twins standing vertically, with the two crankshafts geared together and all four cylinders fed by a single carburetor. This layout meant lots of low-end power and lots of torque, an excellent choice for pulling a large sidecar. A well-sprung solo saddle kept the rider happy, and the ride ...

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Retrospective: Lambretta 150 Li Series I, II, III: 1958-1967


The Italian scooter wars were in full ruckus in the late ’50s, as Lambretta and Vespa fought ferociously for market share. A number of other companies were building scooters, but those two were very much the leading contenders. “New” being the keyword to success, the Lambretta Company, with founder Ferdinando Innocenti very much at the handlebars, came out with the ...

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CFMoto 650TK – First Ride Review


The Chinese motorcycle industry’s long march into the global marketplace with a range of full-size models aimed at Western customers finally got under way four years ago with the parallel-twin CFMoto 650NK. An unashamed reinterpretation of the Kawasaki ER6n, with comparable performance but a 45-percent lower retail price, this was the first “proper” bike with an engine larger than 250cc ...

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CFMoto: Affordable But Well Made


CFMoto only began manufacturing motorcycles in 2000, and in 2007 it expanded into its present 1.6 million square-foot plant in Hangzhou, south of Shanghai, with a 1,520-strong workforce steadily ramping up production of bikes and scooters, but especially ATVs, in which CFMoto is a market leader. CFMoto emphasises quality of manufacture, rather than low cost, so while its bikes are ...

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Motus MST & MST-R – First Ride Review


The first American four-cylinder street bike in the 70 years since World War II has now reached production, and the initial examples of the V-4 Motus MST and higher-performance MST-R sport tourers have been delivered to the first of the more than 270 customers who’ve placed deposits with the start-up company based in Birmingham, Alabama. They have lined-up to buy ...

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