Greenger Saddleback Electric Balance Bike | First Look Review

Greenger Saddleback

At the end of November, Greenger Powersports announced its new Saddleback electric balance bike for kids.

Greenger says the Saddleback is inspired by the mountains of Southern California and blends electronics, easy-to-use features, and proven engineering to create “a fun training tool for young kids looking to explore the outdoors.”

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Greenger continued to say that motocross enthusiasts remember the Saddleback area, a natural landmark formed by the two highest peaks of the Santa Ana Mountains, as a “riding mecca back in the day.”

“Riders would drive for hours to get a chance to turn the dirt of these pine lined mountains. Today, Saddleback is a destination for families and outdoor enthusiast of all kinds.”

Greenger Saddleback

With the base of the mountains now dotted with suburban neighborhoods and a new generation of children, Greenger was looking for a way for those children to be able to explore in a quiet and friendly way. Thus was born the Saddleback electric balance bike.

Greenger Saddleback
Greenger Saddleback in Black

Offering either a 12-inch or 16-inch model, the Saddleback is driven by a 22V 150W hub motor, a disc brake, a push mode for younger riders or three adjustable speed modes. On the 12-inch model, the Level I top speed is 5 mph, Level II is 7 mph, and Level III is 9 mph; top speeds on the 16-inch model are 6.5 mph, 9.5 mph, and 12.5 mph.

Greenger Saddleback

Both models have aluminum rims. The 12-inch Saddleback weighs 20.9 lb, and the 16-inch weighs 26.5 lb. The LG battery uses a toolless bracket to make it quick and easy to swap if needed and provides a claimed 50-70 minutes of riding time based on mixed riding conditions.

Greenger Saddleback
Greenger Saddleback

The Saddleback is now available in Black or White for $749 for the 12-inch and $949 for the 16-inch (plus a $40 destination and freight charge). Both bikes come with a standard charger.

Greenger Saddleback

“With the success of the CRF-E2, it was a clear indicator kids of all ages want to ride.” said Brad Chapman, Greenger Sales & Marketing manager. “We want everyone to experience life on two-wheels powered by Greenger.”

Along these lines, in addition to the Saddleback, Greenger will be releasing a family of e-bike models in the first quarter of 2023 to “get the masses outdoors,” including the Telluride city bike, the Ozark folding recreational bike, and the Shasta and Shasta ST adventure bikes, as well as two Portable Power Stations: 1200w and 2000w.

For more information, visit the Greenger Powersports website.


  1. Battery bicycles are just a way for the Greenies to Prime the younger generation for e motorcycles. Similar to what they did with bicycle helmets priming motorcycle riders for an easier transition to wearing brain buckets. Please people open your eyes.


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