Indian Scout Teaser Video Released

Indian Scout Teaser Video

Indian Motorcycle is set to release a new Indian Scout or Scouts on April 2, and it has been teasing us with a few videos that hadn’t revealed much of anything. But today it posted a new video (see below) that shows a group of five bikes riding across a desert lakebed.

Sadly, the low light in the video doesn’t provide enough illumination to reveal many details, but there appears to be four different variants of the new Scout. For reference, Indian’s current Scout lineup consists of three main models: the classically styled Scout, the stubby Scout Bobber, and the mini-faired Scout Rogue.

In the video, the leading trio of bikes have low-mounted bar-end mirrors, while the rearmost bikes are differentiated by chrome mirrors perched atop their handlebars. Of the trailing pair, the one on the right displays a smallish windshield that suggests some sort of light-duty touring version. The one on the left could be a traditional Scout of some form.

Leading the group is a bike with a mini fairing topped with a small windscreen that looks similar to the bike on its left. One or both could be a new version of the Scout Rogue. The bike second from the left has no fairing and could be a model similar to the existing Scout Bobber.

At this point, we can only speculate based on what we see in the video, so we can’t say what could be inside them regarding their engines or chassis modifications. Full details will be released on April 2. Stay tuned!


  1. If it doesn’t have a bigger engine it’s a waste of money that’s where the cruisers are headed there’s nothing wrong with the scout engine but we would like to see a super scout a bigger engine would do that also some nice new candy metalflake colors red green blue purple and gold

  2. The new scout will have a larger engine, new frame, gas tank and gas gauge new engine with more horsepower. Hopefully cruise control will be available like on all the other models. From what I have seen, it looks like a similar tank to the Chief models.

    • You are tripping if you think that’s where it’s going. It’ll be another classic looking scout, but more like a highway friendly version with a different fairing and maybe some hard bags or something.

      If it’s not what they appear to be teasing here I could see a sport rogue being a thing, with upgraded shocks and led lamp, stage 1,maybe ride command… But that would start to get very pricey for th entry level format


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