Yamaha Champions Riding School Announces New ‘Champ U: Traffic Survival’

In addition to the Yamaha Champions Riding School’s on-bike, in-person training classes, which include ChampSchool, ChampStreet, and ChampGrad, the riding school also offers digital curriculums for riders. Online courses include “Champ U: Core Curriculum,” “Champ U: New Rider,” and “ChampBody.” Recently, Yamaha Champions Riding School announced their fourth online course: “Champ U: Traffic Survival,” which includes over 40 videos, quizzes, and drills for street riding. For more information, read the press release below.

Yamaha Champions Riding School Champ U Traffic Survival
Yamaha Champions Riding School Chief Instructor/CEO Nick Ienatsch gives guidance of safe street riding techniques.

Yamaha Champions Riding School, the premier motorcycle riding school in North America, is proud to announce a new Champions University digital curriculum: Traffic Survival. This is the fourth curriculum and arguably the most important Champ U online course to date.

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Riding on the street is often considered dangerous and unpredictable. Distracted drivers, traffic, dilapidated roads, and insufficient training have become the norm. In fact, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to lose their lives in a fatal accident than other drivers.

The best way to stay safe on the street is to master motorcycle vehicle dynamics, understand the unique dangers of the road, and learn how the best riders in the world avoid them. As our skills and safety increase, so does the fun – and at the end of the day, that’s why we all love this sport! Traffic Survival is designed to give any rider, on any bike, the skills and strategies needed to enjoy every street ride and have more fun on two wheels for many years to come.

Yamaha Champions Riding School Champ U Traffic Survival

Derived from multi-time World Champion Freddie Spencer’s curriculum, ChampSchool has been in business since 2014 and has trained some of the best riders in the world with multi-day curriculums for street riders, racers, police officers, motorcycle manufactures, and the US Marine Corps. Yamaha Champions Riding School is at the forefront of motorcycle vehicle dynamics training.

We gathered subject matter experts with diverse backgrounds that include police motor officers, veteran street riders, international motojournalists, and national road racing champions with one goal: create a complete curriculum on how to thrive and survive on the street.

Traffic Survival combines over 40 videos, quizzes, and drills to form the definitive guide for street riding techniques and strategies, derived from data driven best practices, not internet-based theory.

Unlike our $2500-plus exclusive multi-day training events, Champ U: Traffic Survival is available to any rider with an internet connection and at a price any motorcyclist can afford. New riders and veteran street riders will learn the best techniques and approaches to handle a wide variety of situations, especially those that account for the majority of street crashes.

Yamaha Champions Riding School Champ U Traffic Survival
Yamaha Champions Riding School Chief Instructor/CEO Nick Ienatsch and Jen Dunstan

Traffic Survival will retail for $99.95 but is available until the end of the year for a very special introductory price of $79.95.

The weather may be getting colder, and your motorcycle might be going into storage for a while. Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your skills on your preferred device. When warmer days arrive, you will be ready!

Learn more about Champ U: Traffic Survival and our other online and in-person courses at the Champ U courses page.

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About Yamaha Champions Riding School

Yamaha Champions Riding School (ChampSchool) is the nation’s premier motorcycle training program. ChampSchool is the evolution of the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School and is led by racer, author, and former right-hand man of Spencer, Nick Ienatsch. ChampSchool uses “Champions Habits” to teach all riders the skills and techniques used by the top riders in the world to go faster safer, while concentrating on the way in which modern motorcycles are designed to be ridden. ChampSchool is dedicated to making all motorcycle riders safer and more in control of their riding, no matter what type of riding they do. For more information visit the ChampSchool website.


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