2024 BMW CE 02 | First Look Review 

2024 BMW CE 02
The 2024 BMW CE 02 in Cosmic Black 2

Two years after the release of the BMW CE 04 electric scooter, the company is targeting a younger generation of city-dwellers with the new 2024 BMW CE 02. Described by BMW as an “eParkourer,” the CE 02 is somewhere in between an electric bike and an electric scooter, designed to be practical yet playful in terms of both performance and appearance. 

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2024 BMW CE 04 and CE 02
The BMW CE 04 electric scooter (left) was introduced for model year 2022. Now, the electric CE 02 is here to attract a younger demographic.

The BMW CE 02 comes in two variations: an 11 kW (15 hp) version and a 4kW (5 hp) version aimed to meet requirements for the AM driving license class open to younger riders in Germany and other European countries. BMW claims a top speed of 59 mph and a range of 55 miles for the 11 kW version. The 4 kW has a top speed limited to 28 mph and a range of 28 miles. 

2024 BMW CE 02
The 11 kW version of the CE 02 has a claimed 15 hp, 59 mph top speed, and 55 miles of range.

The CE 02 comes standard with an external charger and a charging power of 0.9 kW, and it can be charged using standard household sockets. Standard charging time from 20% to 80% is 2 hours 48 minutes for the 11 kW version and 1 hour 25 minutes for the 4 kW version. The Highline options package comes with a 1.5 kW quick charger, which has a charging time from 20% to 80% of 1 hour 42 minutes for the 11 kW version. 

2024 BMW CE 02
The BMW CE 02 is designed for playful fun in an urban environment.

The youthful, fun-loving goal of the CE 02 is further seen in the names of the two ride modes available: Flow and Surf. Flow mode is designed for cruising, while Surf is for spirited riding. There’s also a more dynamic Flash ride mode available as part of the Highline options package. 

2024 BMW CE 02

The eParkourer’s chassis consists of a double-loop frame of tubular steel. It uses an inverted telescopic fork with 4.6 inches of travel up front and a single-sided swingarm and an adjustable shock absorber with 2.2 inches of travel in the rear. The 11 kW version has a weight of 291 lb, and the 4 kW version has a weight of 262 lb. The bench seat has an approachable height of 29.5 inches. It rides on cast alloy 14-inch wheels front and rear. Stopping power comes from a 239-mm front disc with standard ABS and a 220-mm rear disc. 

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2024 BMW CE 02

Other features of the BMW CE 02 are a 3.5-inch TFT display and a USB-C charging socket. The CE 02 also connects to smartphones via the BMW Motorrad Connected app to show predicted end of charging and other information. The Highline options package includes additional uses for the app, including the ability to use a smartphone (placed in the smartphone holder) as an additional display while riding and operated with a keypad on the handlebar. The Highline package also includes heated grips. The CE 02 comes standard with an LED headlight and an electric reverse gear. 

2024 BMW CE 02
The Highline options package comes with the Cosmic Black 2 colorway, heated grips, a smartphone mount, more features available through the app, a quick charger, and a Flash ride mode.

The 2024 BMW CE 02 is available in Cosmic Black for $7,599. The Highline options package, which includes the Cosmic Black 2 colorway with teal and white accents and graphics, costs an additional $875. 

Visit BMW’s website for more information. 

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  1. Looks great, kind of the new 21st Century Monkey but… I hardly see any teenagers having the means to invest $8K on this toy.


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