HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet | Gear Review

HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Semi Flat Metallic Blue Suzuki GSX-8S

RPHA stands for Revolutionary Performance Helmet Advanced, and the RPHA series is HJC’s top-shelf models. The most recent addition to the line is the RPHA 91 modular motorcycle helmet with a Premium Integrated Matrix EVO shell made from a blend of materials that includes carbon-aramid, carbon fiber, glass fiber, organic nonwoven fabric, and linen fiber, all of which contribute to enhanced shock resistance and light weight. A size Medium weighs 3.8 lb.

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The RPHA 91 includes several thoughtful features, such as large, paddle-like air vents. They aren’t as hidden as the vents on other helmets; however, since operating the vents requires simply sliding or rocking a large paddle, they’re much easier to use than the smaller mechanisms found on many helmets.

Reaching up and sliding the vent on the top of the head or rocking the chin intake is effortless even with gloved hands, and there’s no searching and feeling to find them. The temple vents are operated with a slide and are much smaller, but I almost always leave them open.

HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Black
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet in Black
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet White
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet in White

Another nice feature on the RPHA 91 is the drop-down sunshield. Plenty of modular helmets have sunshields, but some of them don’t come down far enough. The RPHA 91 solves that problem with an adjustable sunshield. Removing the plate on the left side of the helmet reveals a three-setting switch. The switch allows you to set how far down the sunshield drops, and if it’s set to the lowest level, the sunshield also slides away from the face so you don’t have to worry about it bonking your nose on the way down. Dropping the sunshield to the middle position suited me the best.

HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet in Semi Flat Metallic Blue
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Semi Flat Grey
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Semi Flat in Grey
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet Semi Flat Anthracite
HJC RPHA 91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet in Semi Flat Anthracite

HJC also made the flip-up chinbar more convenient on the RPHA 91. Although the chinbar doesn’t flip completely around to the back of the helmet like on the HJC i100 (see the HJC i100 review here), it can still be worn in the flipped-up position while riding, although doing so inevitably sacrifices some safety as it leaves your face vulnerable. HJC accomplished this with two design elements. The first is that, with the chinbar flipped up, there is minimal space between the chinbar and the top of the helmet, meaning wind won’t get in between and pull the helmet up. The chinbar also locks in the opened position so it won’t move or drop down during a ride. The lock mechanism is a little tricky to work with gloved hands but not impossible. I wouldn’t try to lock or unlock the chinbar while actively riding, but it’s easy enough to do if I have a few seconds at a stop light.

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Other useful features include a neck roll that helps reduce wind noise, speaker pockets and channels to run wires for a comms system, and a Pinlock-ready faceshield (a Pinlock anti-fog insert is included). The RPHA 91 comes in XS-2XL in Black, White, Matte Black, Grey, Semi Flat Titanium, Semi Flat Anthracite, Semi Flat Metallic Blue, and three graphic colors starting at $549.99.


  1. I was hoping for and expecting some comments on how quiet the helmet is at various speeds.
    How about comfort? I can read specs or features on the HJC site. Not really much of a review.

    • Scott, thanks for reading. The HJC RPHA 91 is impressively quiet at both low and high speeds. The neck roll and interior pull a lot of weight here to make the helmet quiet, and they do their job well. The comfort level is above average, and the cheek pads are interchangeable so you can get the right fit. The helmet fits intermediate oval head shapes best, and I found the sizing to be true to the measurements on the website. Since my head shape is on the round side of oval, I can feel a slight pressure on the sides of my head, but that shouldn’t be the case for people with the more common intermediate oval head shape. I’d say if the head shape is right for you, you shouldn’t have any worries about comfort or noise.

  2. How are these for folks with prescription eyeglasses? I find that with some sunshields, they swing down and clip one’s glasses.

  3. I am 5 – 7, 170 lb., and 22 1/2 inch head circumference , a medium fit comfortably. A good rule is wear the helmet 15 minutes, with glasses if that is your riding MO, if it does not give you a headache it will not. Supposed to be their best modular we’ll see.

  4. Just bought the HJC RPHA 91 Combust grey/yellow for 630 euro’s. First ride today to work as I always had a Scorpion EVO 1400 i must say the wind it allows in the helmet is not worth 630. Im really upset by the quietness of the helmet even when i had the full helmet locked my eyes started tearing because of the wind. Could be doing something wrong here too but I’ll check with the store. If they can’t improve I’m bringing it back.


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