Harley-Davidson Introduces Screamin’ Eagle 135 Stage IV Crate Engine

Harley-Davidson has announced the new Screamin’ Eagle 135ci Stage IV Crate Engine for original, equipment-style 2021-later Harley-Davidson Touring models. Inspired by the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle King of the Baggers factory racing team and boasting the most displacement ever on an H-D crate engine, the Screamin’ Eagle 135 makes a claimed 130 hp and 143 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheel. MSRP is $7,995.95. For more information, read the press release below from Harley-Davidson.

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle 135ci Stage IV Crate Engine

Milwaukee, WI (March 1, 2023) – Harley-Davidson riders craving no-compromise performance have a thrilling new option with the introduction of the Screamin’ Eagle 135ci Stage IV Performance Crate Engine. This complete Milwaukee-Eight engine for 2021-later Touring models is the new benchmark for factory-engineered American V-Twin performance, offering the most displacement, and the most power, ever created by Harley-Davidson for a street-compliant crate engine.

The engine’s development was fueled in part by the efforts of the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle factory racing team competing in the MotoAmerica Mission King of the Baggers roadracing series. To simplify set up of high-performance engines Harley-Davidson offers the new wireless Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Performance Tuner, the only tuner available to maximize performance while being emissions and warranty compliant.

Engineered and tested as a complete collection of high-performance components and assembled from the bottom up at Harley-Davidson Powertrain Operations in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, this street-tuned 135-cubic-inch (2212cc) Screamin’ Eagle Crate Engine is designed to run with a wide-open throttle at high engine speeds and provide instant passing power from cruising speed. The engine delivers 143 lb-ft of rear-wheel torque at 3500 rpm and 130 rear-wheel hp at 5500 rpm – approximately 28 percent more torque and 41 percent more horsepower at the rear wheel than a production Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine.

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle 135ci Stage IV Crate Engine

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This street-ready performance engine features the following premium Screamin’ Eagle components:

  • New 68mm throttle body and matching CNC-machined intake manifold, originally developed for Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle factory racing team engines, to maximize airflow to the engine.
  • Screamin’ Eagle Extreme CNC-ported cylinder heads provide significantly improved efficiency of cylinder filling, leading to more explosive power and increased rear-wheel torque when compared to stock. High-performance valve springs remain stable with the high-lift cam and in high-rpm operation.
  • Screamin’ Eagle Pro Billet Cam Plate and Oil Pump provides higher pressure when the oil is hot to keep pressure drops to a minimum.
  • New 10.7:1 high-compression forged pistons.
  • SE8-517 high-lift camshaft, high-performance cam bearing and high-performance tappets.
  • Patent-protected 4.31-inch steel sleeve cylinders and new 4 5/8-inch flywheel (bore x stroke is 4.31 x 4.625).
  • New high-capacity 6.8 gram/second fuel injectors.
  • Screamin’ Eagle Ventilator Extreme Air Cleaner and Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon mufflers (each sold separately) are not required but are highly recommended for peak performance.
Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle 135ci Stage IV Crate Engine

The Screamin’ Eagle 135ci Stage IV Performance Crate Engine is intended for bolt-in installation in an original equipment-style 2021-later Harley-Davidson Touring chassis. No special fabrication or engine-mount relocation is required. The engine is backed by up to two-year manufacturer’s warranty for unmatched confidence when dealer-installed through the Custom Coverage program.

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With an MSRP of $7,999.95, the Screamin’ Eagle 135ci Stage IV Performance Crate Engine is offered in Black or Chrome finish with 135 Stage IV badging on the cylinder heads and timer cover.

Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle 135ci Stage IV Crate Engine

Two versions of the engine will be offered: For 2021-later Touring models equipped with Air/Oil-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight engine, and for 2021-later Touring models equipped with a Twin-Cooled Milwaukee-Eight engine. The engine does not fit Trike models. Installation requires the separate purchase of Head Pipe P/N 65600177. Air-Cooled models require Oil Cooler Fan Assist P/N 62700204 or Fan for Factory Oil Cooler P/N 26800195. All models require ECM recalibration with Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner for proper installation. Does not fit California models.

Find more information at Harley-Davidson’s website.


  1. I like the torque numbers, but only 130hp out of a 2 liter engine? Really? The engine is best used on tractors, me thinks.

    • Tell us you don’t actually ride without telling us.

      The torque is what you’re going to be feeling regardless, and again this both warranty AND emissions compliant.

      Why is that so hard for people to understand?? The potential of this motor is going to be amazing once someone dumps just a different cam and has it tuned in a dyno

  2. I have a 135 with cams. It’s supposed to make 160 foot pounds of torque under 4000. It is the smoothest most powerful engine I have written and I have a 124 t man performance. started it as a 120 R stock Harley Davidson motor and the crank had over just over 5000 run up on the pinion it took out my oil pump at cam plate it has 11.2 to one is a little dangerous to ride on gravel from the farm to the highway but this 135 just will eat it and I’m a little worried about some of the stuff that they built primary Drive compensator the automatic cash and the clutch basket are weak and they break on the one 14 1/17 the compensator the gear is a primary 107 so it will fail. Hope to get the summer out of it and that I’m going to change the primary system to failproof but the motor with red shift cams in it is awesome. It drives like a bike better than my 107 for driveability on gravel at the highway and you hit it and it goes very nice and I’ve been driving high-performance Harleys since 1993 started with my 88 inch Fatboy evolution and going up to 96 STD heads, 96 fat boy style springer 80 inch with head night train with a 95 inch chopper with a 6 inch 04 Harley


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