New Gear: Dunlop Sportmax Q5 and Q5S Tires

Dunlop Sportmax Q5 and Q5S motorcycle tires
Dunlop Sportmax Q5 (left) and Q5S (right) front motorcycle tires

While developing the Sportmax Q5 and Q5S tires, Dunlop focused on front tire performance since many rider aids available today already accentuate rear tire performance.

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The Q5’s front tire is now 2mm taller and 2mm narrower for a more compliant tire with an improved turn-in rate, and the Q5S’s front tire is 7mm shorter for a lighter and more responsive feel. The compound has also been improved to enhance dry grip by changing the polymer to make the tires softer and adding a traction resin.

The Q5 tire starts at $250.22, and the Q5S starts at $219.45.



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