Partial 2023 ChampSchool Schedule Announced

What techniques do some of the best riders in the world use to stay safe while going so fast? The Yamaha Champions Riding School, led by racer and author Nick Ienatsch, aims to imbue this wisdom on participants at its numerous events. Along these lines, the partial 2023 ChampSchool schedule has been released, with events from coast to coast and several points in between – and promises of more to come. Read the press release below from the Yamaha Champions Riding School for more information

2023 Yamaha ChampSchool schedule

GARYSBURG, N.C. — Yamaha Champions Riding School, the premier riding school in North America, is proud to announce the partial 2023 schedule featuring events in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington state. This is a partial schedule release with several more dates to be added in the next few weeks. In all, the 2023 ChampSchool schedule will consist of more than 30 events including 2-Day ChampSchool, ChampStreet, ChampGrad, and Racer Only curriculums. Significant “early bird” discounts are available for all schools up to 60 days before the events, and most schools sell out weeks in advance.

“We pushed hard to get our 2023 partial schedule out because of incredible demand,” CEO Nick Ienatsch explains. “We keep our classes small because we feel that riding must be taught specifically and individually, but we filled all of our classes in 2022 with incredibly long wait lists! We have added several new events, changed up some programs, and we include our new Champ U online curriculum with every in-person school purchase. Thanks to all riders for their interest; see what events fit your schedule and let’s ride together in 2023.”

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Miami Vice

The first event of the year might be the best event of the year! Yamaha Champions Riding School is going to Homestead Miami Speedway for what has turned into our annual four-day moto-vacation extravaganza! ChampSchool has partnered with N2 Track Days for four days of fun in the sun. Thursday and Friday, Jan. 19-20, will feature our 2-Day ChampSchool, and ChampStreet programs.

N2 Track Days will be holding a track day event on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 21-22. Track prepared rental bikes will be available from Bike Pass Motorsports, Track Bike Rentals, and BobbleHeadMoto. Street based rentals will be available from ChampSchool and our new partners at Eagle Rider. 2-Day ChampSchool students will also have the opportunity to get “third-day” private coaching from Kyle Wyman, Ben Walters, Chris Peris, Eziah Davis, Stefano Mesa, Robertino Pretri, and others at the N2 Event. Call the boss and take vacation time now. This event will sell out.

Winter Motorsports 

ChampSchool’s traditional winter home is Inde Motorsports Ranch in Willcox, Arizona. Inde is a gearhead’s dream with 75,000 sq-ft of beautiful facilities, a 5-acre skid pad, and an amazing, freshly-repaved, 21-turn road course. We will be holding traditional 2-Day ChampSchool events at Inde on Feb. 20-21 as well as adding ChampStreet to the program.

On March 20-21, we will hold our “Racer Only” school. This event will not include our normal 2-Day curriculum but will focus specifically on racing, race craft, training, nutrition, sponsorship, and racing as a business…taught by a who’s-who of American roadracing.

We will be back at Inde for a “Graduate Only” event on May 9-10, open to any ChampSchool grad regardless of speed or riding venue.

The next ChampSchool at Inde will be on Oct. 9-10 followed by Grad schools on Nov. 28-29. Inde is the perfect destination to improve your skills while your friends are shoveling snow. Private “third-day” coaching is available from Chris Peris at most Inde Motorsports Ranch events. Yamaha motorcycles are available to rent at all Inde events for a true “arrive and ride” experience.

California Love 

ChampSchool loves California, and California loves ChampSchool. How do we know? Simple: Every event in California sells out! YCRS is returning to California for up to six events in 2022. We can only tease a few at this time though. We can confirm events at the repaved Streets of Willow on March 31 to April 1, as well as Nov. 13-14. Don’t worry California, we have plenty more to announce in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

The Great State of Texas: Pre-MotoGP

We have had years of requests to come to Texas, and we finally made it happen last year. The event sold out, and all we heard about was more events in Texas, so we will be back with two events in 2023. We will roll in to Cresson Motorsports Ranch just outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth for a 2-Day ChampSchool program on April 11-12 . This is the Tuesday/Wednesday prior to MotoGP at COTA. Come ride with us at this very fun track and then take the 3.5 hr trip to COTA to watch the best in the world. We will return to Cresson on Sept. 5-6.

Big news! We will be bringing our ChampStreet program to both events in Texas.

Illinois: Mid-West Sunshine

We have a massive mid-west following who have traveled all over the country to ride with us, and now we are finally coming to them. On Aug. 7-8, we will be holding a 2-Day ChampSchool program at beautiful Autobahn Country Club just outside of Chicago. New for 2023 will be the addition of our ChampStreet program. This is an amazing facility at the perfect time of year.

The Carolinas 

Big news! We have moved the ChampSchool East Coast home base to Garysburg, North Carolina, to the North Carolina Center for Automotive Research (NCBike)! We are celebrating by holding a six-day event for our housewarming party.

Our first event of the year will be a big one. We will kick things off with 2-Day ChampSchool on Thursday and Friday April 27-28. We are partnering with N2 for private lessons and Grad programs on April 29-30. After all that fun, we will hold our first East Coast Racers Only school on Monday and Tuesday, May 1-2. It’s going to be a blast, national #1s will be coaching

We will return to NCBike for an almost identical program Thursday and Friday Oct. 19-20, followed by an N2 Track Day with private lessons on Oct. 21-22, then a Grad Only event on Monday and Tuesday Oct. 23-24. Stay tuned for at least one more Southeast date in 2023.

Mile High in Colorado

ChampSchool is coming back to Colorado on Memorial Day weekend at High Plains Raceway! Saturday and Sunday, May 27-28. This event will feature our 1-day ChampStreet program and our full 2-Day ChampSchool. This event will sell out and will have limited rental availability, so prep your bike and come ride with our team that includes six-time MRA #1 plate holder Ryan Burke and class champions like Michael Applehans and Joe Clark

Pacific Northwest

ChampSchool is back with a full program at The Ridge in June. The Ridge is the premier road course facility in Washington state, and ChampSchool is excited about returning for our sixth straight year. The event will be held on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the MotoAmerica weekend: June 27-28. Watch the pros race on the weekend and then learn from the same riders during the week.

Northeast: Pitt and NJMP

The Northeast will have four events in 2023. Pittsburgh International Race Complex is hands down one of the best tracks in the country. Pitt Race will be the epicenter of motorcycle track riding in mid-August with our 2-day event in the center. The N2 National Endurance and WERA Sprint racing will start the week off with ChampSchool next on Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 14-15.

The best riders in the country (and several of your instructors) will be next as MotoAmerica moves in Aug. 18-20.

We have a long history at New Jersey Motorsports Park and will host three events on May 16-17, June 19-20, and Sept. 26-27. With more than 45 million people within a couple hour’s drive of the famous south Jersey track, NJMP is an extremely popular facility and a ton of fun. All three events this year will be on the Thunderbolt course and feature our 2-Day ChampSchool and a pair of 1-day ChampStreet programs.

Stay Tuned for More 2023 ChampSchool Schedule Events

The 2023 Yamaha Champions Riding School schedule will continue to expand with new events being added throughout the rest of the year. Check back often at the ChampSchool website for the latest info.

  • Jan. 19-20, 2023 – Homestead Miami Speedway, Miami, FL (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Feb. 20-21, 2023 – Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • March 20-21, 2023 – Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ (Racers Only) 
  • March 31 – April 1 2023 – Streets of Willow, Rosamond, CA (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • April 11-12, 2023 – Motorsports Ranch, Cresson, TX (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • April 27-28, 2023 – NCBike, Garysburg, NC (ChampSchool)
  • May 1-2, 2023 – NCBike, Garysburg, NC (Racers Only)
  • May 9-10, 2023 – Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ (Grad)
  • May 16-17, 2023 – New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • May 27-28, 2023 – High Plains Raceway, CO (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • June 19-20, 2023 – New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • June 27-28, 2023 – The Ridge, Shelton, WA. (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Aug. 7-8, 2023 – Autobahn, Joliet, IL (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Aug. 14-15, 2023 – Pittsburg International Race Complex, Beaver, PA (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Sept. 5-6, 2023 – Motorsports Ranch, Cresson, TX. (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Sept. 26-27, 2023 – New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville, NJ (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Oct. 9-10, 11-12, 2023 – Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ (Retail) (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Oct. 19-20, 2023 – NCBike, Garysburg, NC (ChampSchool) 
  • Oct. 23-24, 2023 – NCBike, Garysburg, NC (Grad) 
  • Nov. 13-14, 2023 – Streets of Willow, Rosamond, CA (ChampSchool and ChampStreet)
  • Nov. 28-29, 2023 – Inde Motorsports Ranch, Willcox, AZ (Grad) 

About Yamaha Champions Riding School

Yamaha Champions Riding School (ChampSchool) is the nation’s premier motorcycle training program. ChampSchool is the evolution of the Freddie Spencer High-Performance Riding School and is led by racer, author, and former right-hand man of Spencer, Nick Ienatsch. ChampSchool uses “Champions Habits” to teach all riders the skills and techniques used by the top riders in the world to go faster safer, while concentrating on the way in which modern motorcycles are designed to be ridden. ChampSchool is dedicated to making all motorcycle riders safer and more in control of their riding, no matter what type of riding they do. For more information visit the ChampSchool website.

Yamaha Champions Riding School is proudly sponsored by: Yamaha Motor Corporation USA, Dunlop Motorcycle Tires, Dainese, Omnediem, Arai Helmets, YamaLube, GYTR, Chatterbox, GB Racing, ModOp, Chickenhawk Tire Warmers, Techspec, Payless Rental Cars, Core Moto and N2 Track Days.


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