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S100 Cycle Care Kit

Like most motorcyclists, I prefer riding bikes to washing them, so I’m always on the lookout for a better (cleaning) mousetrap. When it came time to knock the barnacles off my Harley Dyna, I tried the S100 Cycle Care Kit. The kit includes spray bottles of Total Cycle Cleaner, Detail & Wax, and Corrosion Protectant, a tube of Total Cycle Finish Restorer, a sponge, a drying towel, and a handy carrying case.

Starting with the Total Cycle Cleaner, I sprayed the bike liberally and then rinsed it off. My Dyna was already much cleaner, and I hadn’t even busted suds with the sponge yet. In fact, I only used the wet sponge and cleaner on the spokes to remove some nasty grunge that’s been on there longer than I care to admit.

The drying towel is little strange. It comes sealed in a plastic bag that lives in a hard plastic container, and it’s already wet/slippery when you remove it from the packaging. The directions say to rinse it with very warm water to unfold the towel. A garden hose did the trick, and the magic towel did its job, removing the water and leaving the bike dry and streak-free. Like a regular chamois towel, only better.

Next up was the Total Cycle Finish Restorer. This stuff comes in a tube and helps polish metal surfaces that may have dulled, and it also removes minor scratches. I used it to brighten up the triple trees and the chrome on the forward controls. With a bit of elbow grease, the parts came back to life and shined bright once again.

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Then I moved on to the Corrosion Protectant. I enjoy rides along the Pacific Coast Highway, and over time the salty air corrodes metal surfaces. The instructions say to spray a fine mist over the surfaces you want to protect and then buff it off. The stuff is slick, so you’ll want to avoid things like brakes, tires, seats, and grips. The directions recommend using the protectant periodically throughout the year and before you put the bike away for the winter.

Last but not least was the Detail & Wax, which has an old-school waxy aroma. Unlike other watery spray waxes, it goes on kind of thick and you need to buff it off. It contains carnauba and beeswax, and the shine it left behind on the paint and chrome was primo.

The S100 kit contains everything you need to get your bike clean and looking sharp. The amount of time required to use the entire kit will depend on how dirty your bike is, or how much chrome you have, but everything is easier and faster with regular use. My two favorite items in the kit are the Total Cycle Cleaner and the Detail & Wax because they get regular use. The only problem now is that I no longer have an excuse to have a dirty bike.

You can find S100 products online, at dealerships, and in powersports shops. The Cycle Care Set retails for around $55.

For more information, visit s100.com.


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