LiveWire Unveils S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle

LiveWire S2 Del Mar Electric Motorcycle
2022 LiveWire S2 Del Mar

Harley-Davidson and its LiveWire brand introduced the S2 Del Mar today, a smaller, lighter, and less expensive electric motorcycle than the LiveWire ONE. The street-tracker is said to produce 80 hp and weigh less than 440 lbs, yielding a 0-60-mph time of just 3.5 seconds. City range is said to be 100 miles, and highway range will be significantly lower.

The S2 Del Mar was designed at LiveWire Labs in Mountain View, California, in the vicinity of Silicon Valley companies like Apple, Google, and Meta. It’s built around a new, scalable “ARROW” architecture that uses a proprietary battery, motor, charging, and control systems. The powertrain serves as the central component of the chassis and is a modular design so it can be adapted to future models.

LiveWire offered 100 serialized “Del Mar Launch Edition” models with an exclusive paint scheme and a unique wheel design for $17,699, but all were sold out in the first 18 minutes. Those who missed the opportunity can get their name on a waiting list for when regular production models ($15,000) are shipped from Troy, Pennsylvania, in the spring of 2023. The press release below includes more details.

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LiveWire is set to bring advanced design, technical innovation, and engineering expertise to urban riding and beyond, with the all-electric S2 Del Mar motorcycle, the first LiveWire model to feature the new S2 ARROW architecture.

  • The first 100 units will be built to order and serialized as Del Mar Launch Edition models, which can be reserved now at for expected delivery in the spring of 2023.
  • The 100 Del Mar Launch Edition models will feature an exclusive finish and wheel design and an MSRP of $17,699.
  • The production S2 Del Mar will deliver immediately after the launch edition, with a target MSRP of $15,000 USD.
  • The S2 Del Mar features a targeted output of 80 horsepower (59.6 kW), and less than 440 pounds of weight, delivering projected 0-to-60 mph times of 3.5 seconds or less.
  • Del Mar range in city riding is targeted to be 100 miles.*

“The S2 Del Mar model represents the next step in the evolution of the LiveWire brand,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson. “The ARROW architecture underpinning the Del Mar, developed in-house at LiveWire Labs, demonstrates our ambition to lead in the EV space and establish LiveWire as the most desirable electric motorcycle brand in the world.”

Advanced LiveWire ARROW Architecture

LiveWire’s scalable ARROW architecture with proprietary battery, motor, charging, and control systems debuts on the Del Mar model and was designed at LiveWire Labs in Mountain View, California. The ARROW architecture is intended to be modular and serves as the central component of the motorcycle chassis.

Del Mar is designed to offer its rider thrilling performance with a targeted output of 80 horsepower (59.6 kW), delivering projected 0-to-60 mph times of 3.5 seconds. City range is expected to be 100 miles.* The Del Mar model weight target is 440 pounds or less.

Urban Street Tracker

Del Mar presents a street-tracker stance on 19-inch front and rear wheels equipped with custom developed LiveWire Dunlop DT1 tires equally capable on paved and dirt surfaces. The slim seat tops a short tail section. A tracker-style handlebar fronted by a thin flyscreen places the rider in an upright position for a comfortable and controlled riding experience.

Launch Edition Model

Only the 100 examples of the Del Mar Launch Edition models will be made, featuring an exclusive finish and wheel design. The graphics and paint – in a choice of Jasper Gray or Comet Indigo – are applied by hand using a process that takes 5 days to complete. The design employs an opposing-fade, representing and celebrating both the exciting and soulful experiences of riding LiveWire electric motorcycles. The intricate pattern of the 19-inch PCB cast-aluminum wheels evokes the dense patterning and framework found on printed circuit boards. The vaulted and tapered spoke design promotes lateral stiffness for enhanced handling performance, while also pushing the boundaries of casting technology.

The Del Mar Launch Edition model debuts with an MSRP of $17,699, while the production version is expected to launch with a target MSRP of $15,000. Delivery of the Launch Edition and production versions of S2 Del Mar model are set for the spring of 2023. All LiveWire S2 Del Mar motorcycles will be assembled at Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations in York, PA.

To learn more about the LiveWire S2 Del Mar Launch Edition motorcycle visit:


The all-new LiveWire S2 Del Mar Launch Edition sold out its 100 reservation deposits in 18 minutes today. Customers can still add their names to a wait list for the standard S2 Del Mar motorcycle expected to begin deliveries in Spring 2023 at

*Range estimates are based on expected performance on a fully-charged battery and are derived from SAE J2982 Riding Range Test Procedure data on a sample motorcycle under ideal laboratory conditions. Your actual range will vary depending on your personal riding habits, road and driving conditions, ambient weather, vehicle condition and maintenance, tire pressure, vehicle configuration (parts and accessories), and vehicle loading (cargo, rider and passenger weight).

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    • I agree, especially when it only gives you a max of 100 miles in urban use, and where a ride from Topeka to KC will give you a chance for a layover and a recharge in order to get back. The novelty isn’t close to being worth $17K.

  1. I like it. One of the better-looking electrics and 15k is getting close. It’ll be telling to find out what actual range people can get off of a charge.

  2. Oh boy! $15,000 + tax + tags + insurance + electricity + a range of “significantly less than 100 miles!” Sign me up!………Just kidding. I’d rather buy a second hand 72, and spend the savings on lowering the ape hangers, and painting over that ugly sparkled OM paint that came on it.

  3. Okay, tell me the truth. If you guys came up with a new motorcycle engine design that could only go 75 miles on the gas that could be held in the largest gas tank you could possibly fit onto a motorcycle, and the motorcycle you designed for it would have to sell for $15,000 for you to make money, would you produce it? Then why are you building this piece of crap and trying to sell it? I’d buy this thing for my kid for around $2500. That is what it is worth. Get back to me when you have a bike that’ll go 400 miles on a charge at 32° F, quick charges in 30 minutes, weighs 450 lbs., can carry two 200 lbs. adults + 100 lbs of supplies, and can go from 0 to 80 in 7 seconds. I’ll buy one of those.

  4. The overall look of the bike is very nice, the graphics need a lot of attention. That alone would clean it up nicely. Me, I have issues with full electric bikes. There is no acceptable room for batteries that will give you a respectable 250 mile range. Electric bikes need standardized batteries you can swap out at a service station in 5 minutes. Then they become viable. Good luck with that happening. The only acceptable electric two wheelers right now are scooters that are meant for local transportation and have enough range to get to your high school, college classes, work, or grocery store. Just a thought, how about a hybrid Harley-Davidson?

    Add a small gas engine to an electric motorcycle that can run the vehicle at a reduced speed if the battery is low. The engine could also recharge the battery in an emergency if you are stranded in the boonies. We have hybrid cars, why not hybrid motorcycles?

    Electric dirt bikes make sense if you in an enclosed off road park. The make sense for MX, DT, trials bikes, trail bikes, and local commuters. But long distance commuting/touring? Batteries will have to come a long way first. Leave the full electric to cars/trucks/fork lifts/lawnmowers/weed whackers.

  5. Beside the milage, it’s great to see they’re working towards electric.. We’ll get there.. they’re way better for riding than noisy smelly fuel guzzlers…no plugs, cylinders, valves, transmission, carbies …no more burnt knuckles…and just cents to run… Ppl love to complain, like all these negative Nancy’s in the comments..i don’t get it.. get supportive y’all Bring on the electric revolution! Good work Harley Davidson 👊🇦🇺


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