Giant Loop Unveils Keg Kaddy Party Panniers

Giant Loop Keg Kaddy Party Panniers

Adventure-proof packing systems innovator Giant Loop has responded to thousands of rider requests with the introduction of its new Keg Kaddy Party Panniers. Frosty cold beverages are on tap at the end of every day’s adventure now, with the world’s first integrated solar-powered refrigeration system cooling a full-sized 15.5 gallon keg (approximately 124 pints) kept fresh with a carbon dioxide injection.

A propane barbecue grill completes the party and balances the weight for optimal off-road performance and handling. Giant Loop logo tap handles and built-in cup dispenser. Built-in hot and cold storage keeps food fresh for up to five days. And just in case any revelers indulge in “one too many,” a breathalyzer disables the motorcycle’s ignition system if the rider’s blood alcohol level exceeds legal limits.

“This is our first ‘crowd-sourced’ design,” explains lead developer Inna Tocksicaded. “Taking inspiration from the famed Coolest Cooler, we added every requested bell, whistle and feature our customers suggested. Plus, we are headquartered in Bend, Oregon, one of the capitals of the USA microbrewing industry, so it’s a natural fit.”

Other features include expandable storage compartments for folding table and chairs, tiki lamps, patio lights, portable urinals, and other festive accoutrements (optional accessories, not included). When fully loaded, this go-light fiesta on wheels weighs in at a mere 305 lbs, which is less than many adventure touring riders normally pack for weekend outings.

For riders who want to party like it’s 1999, Giant Loop’s new Keg Kaddy Party Panniers (GL part #KKPP) are priced affordably at just $2,999.99, including solar panels, CO2 and propane tanks, and barbecue. Keg BMW Motorcycle Owners Association members qualify for special pricing. Kaddy Party Panniers are available exclusively at



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