Bridgestone Announces Battlax Sport Touring T32/GT Tires

Bridgestone Announces Battlax Sport Touring T32 and T32GT Tires

Bridgestone has announced the all-new Battlax Sport Touring T32 and T32GT motorcycle tires, and as the name implies, these tires are aimed squarely at the popular sport-touring category. The new Sport Touring T32 line is said to offer excellent grip in all weather conditions, with notable improvements in wet-weather performance, thanks to Bridgestone’s Pulse Groove Technology.

The Bridgestone Sport Touring T32 will be offered in a standard and a T32GT model dedicated to middleweight and heavyweight sport-touring motorcycles. The GT option is an essential distinction for heavier motorcycles that require a tire with optimized carcass stiffness to ensure proper wear and grip. Lastly, the T32GT boasts 10% more mileage versus the outgoing T31GT. In either case, T32 tires use a single compound in the front and a dual compound in the rear.

Bridgestone Announces Battlax Sport Touring T32 and T32GT Tires

Sport-touring riders often experience the full spectrum of weather, and where the T32 makes appreciable gains compared to the T31 is in wet conditions. Bridgestone engineers redesigned the tread pattern and rubber compounds while also incorporating its proprietary Pulse Groove Technology, resulting in a better groove ratio and a 13% larger contact patch on the rear tire, increasing grip and feel. That isn’t the only positive gain; wet-braking distance is said to be 7% percent shorter than the T31.

Pulse Groove Technology combines widened areas in the tread pattern with small water deflectors at the bottom of each groove to displace water more effectively. Bridgestone claims that this design is a vast improvement over straight-cut grooving and promotes greater grip in wet conditions. Check out this video for a more detailed explanation.

Other benefits from the construction and compound refinements are said to include greater dry grip and cornering stability and more linear handling characteristics.

We’re excited to spoon some Bridgestone Battlax Sport Touring T32 and T32GT on our test motorcycles and review them in detail. For more information, visit Bridgestone.

Bridgestone Announces Battlax Sport Touring T32 and T32GT Tires


  1. So…?? What’s the verdict after lacin up the hoops? It’s been over a year. Any word on the mileage? That’s the main concern for me. And how about pricing? I really don’t wanna be forced to pay $500-ish for 5K miles of rubber…thanx

  2. I put a rear on my ’02 VFR spent about $140 from Rocky Mountain ATV and put the tire on myself. I have 1200 miles on it now and there is plenty of life in the tire. I got roughly 5000 miles on my T31 rear.

  3. I have a 2020 gsxs 750 and I’m about to hit 10k miles on these tires. I do a mixture of weekday commute and weekend twisties. That being said I am getting pretty close to the indicator in the center portion of the tires. This is still a great improvement of the S22 I had which was about to split open by 6k.


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