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Shad Terra Luggage Review
Story and photos by Jenny Smith.

If the myriad of squared-off, adventure-ready aluminum luggage out there is a bit too…adventure-y…Shad has a stylish and quite well thought out option for you: the new Terra series. With a sleek, streamlined aesthetic and two mounting options, the side-opening Terras might appeal to those looking for the happy medium between ultra-functional top-loading metal boxes and curvy plastic luggage that never seems to fit your tent poles. The Terras mount using Shad’s 3P or 4P system, which is why it appealed to me; since about 90% of my rides don’t require extra luggage (thanks to my Honda NC750X’s “frunk”), I was looking for a mounting solution that would accentuate the NC’s lines rather than make it look like an Africa Twin wannabe.

The 3P turned out to be perfect; an easy 30-minute install and a solid mount for the Terra TR36 cases (the Terras also come in a larger 47-liter size, and you can mix and match if you need to use a smaller case on one side). Shad also sent me the more adventure-ready 4P system so I could try both, and it was also super easy to install, especially compared with other systems I’ve used.

Shad Terra Luggage Review

The Terra cases themselves are well designed, with clever integrated carry handles — though as I discovered, you have to be careful when deploying them lest you pop open the clamshell. They include an inner tray lip that keeps items like water bottles from rolling out, and optional mesh panels also help keep your gear where it belongs. Or you can spring for the accessory inner soft bags ($67.99 each), with carry handles and removable shoulder straps, if you don’t feel like lugging the aluminum cases themselves up the motel stairs.

The Terra TR36s looked pretty big on my little NC, so I was curious to see how much they affected aerodynamics and handling. I am pleased to report that I experienced no wiggles, shakes or other unwelcome effects, at least up to the 65 mph where I maxed out. In short, this is a well-designed luggage system that looks nice and functions very well. Pricing starts at $409.99 for the TR36 case and $436.99 for the TR47; the 4P mount for my 2019 NC750X is $238.99 and the 3P mount is $163.99.

Visit the Shad website for other models/fitment details. 


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