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Rev'It Neptune GTX Ladies Suit
Story by Jenny Smith.

Rev’It is based in the Netherlands, which has a mild maritime climate (think moderate summers, cool winters and plenty of rain and wind), and its Neptune GTX ladies’ jacket and pants (the men’s version is called the Neptune 2 GTX) seems built for exactly that sort of weather. If you live in a similar climate, say the Pacific Northwest or even New England, the Neptune GTX could be a go-to choice. But if, like me, you live somewhere with hot, humid summers that require maximum airflow, you might find yourself pushing it to the back of the gear closet until autumn.

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The first thing to note is that the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane is not laminated to the outer shell on either the jacket or pants, it is a separate inner liner. There is also an insulated thermal liner that goes inside that, and with all three layers snapped/zipped together, the Neptune GTX is a rather heavy — and complicated — set of apparel. You won’t want to attempt to piece it all together while pulled off to the side of the road with a thunderstorm threatening. The other caveat related to an inner Gore-Tex liner is the fact that it negates any ventilation in the outer shell. As I mentioned, moderate temperatures only.

Rev'It Neptune GTX Ladies Suit

If you can live with that, the Neptune GTX is a fantastic suit, with a tough Teflon-coated 880D polyester shell that sheds water and dirt. There are CE level 2 protectors at the elbows, shoulders and knees, with pockets for an optional back protector and hip protectors. I also appreciated the numerous large retroreflective panels on both the jacket and pants, and, my favorite part: the pants are available in long lengths, a rarity in women’s gear and essential for someone my height to have the knee armor positioned where it needs to be. As befitting proper touring gear, pockets abound and the large hip pockets on the jacket are waterproof. The polyester shell is highly abrasion-resistant, yet softer and more pliant than stiffer nylon, which makes the whole suit quite comfortable right out of the box and ready for long, multiday rides.

Rev'It Neptune GTX Ladies Suit

The Neptune GTX jacket comes in black in women’s Euro sizes 34-46 for $569.99, and the pants are also black, in women’s Euro sizes 36-46 (regular), 38-42 (short) and 38-42 (long) for $449.99.

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