Indian Motorcycle Announces Apple CarPlay Integration

Indian Motorcycle has announced that it will now incorporate Apple CarPlay into all 2020 models equipped with the 7-inch Ride Command system. Apple CarPlay integrates your Apple iPhone with the motorcycle’s infotainment system, allowing you to use Siri and other iPhone apps. Indian is the second motorcycle manufacturer, after Honda, to bring Apple CarPlay to some of its models.

Indian Motorcycle Announces Apple CarPlay

From Press Release:

Indian Motorcycle, America’s First Motorcycle Company, announced today the integration of Apple CarPlay® to its model year 2020 lineup of bikes equipped with the 7” Ride Command system. Continuing its mission to further enhance the riding experience, this latest update continues to deliver industry-leading technology which provides riders with a way to stay connected while out on the road.

Apple CarPlay® is now supported on 2020 Chieftain, Roadmaster and Challenger models with navigation. iPhone® users can easily access Apple Music, Maps, send messages with Siri and more through the Ride Command 7” screen and a supported Bluetooth headset (not included) – all on a user-friendly interface that iPhone users will instantly recognize. This integration also increases global accessibility to navigation. 

Indian Motorcycle Announces Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is just one of several improvements made to Indian Motorcycle’s leading Ride Command system. Riders can now expect improved navigation location management, improved boot time, audio muting and control improvements (including navigation audio), widget fixes and a new fuel economy widget, and improved search functionality within navigation. 

Owners can stay up-to-date with the latest technology by accessing a simple, free software download at home or through their local dealership which can be located on

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Indian Motorcycle Announces Apple CarPlay


  1. Got to love Indian screwing over their customers yet again. You have to have the Navigation package to use CarPlay? What a disgusting money grab. It’s the same dang head unit minus the cellular modem, which CarPlay doesn’t need because it pulls data from the phone.

    Disgusting and furious at Indian.

    Oh and you need to have a Bluetooth headset connected to use CarPlay. Who came up with that idiotic idea?

  2. Agree with A Dubs. Pretty worthless if I need to pair with a bluetooth headset. What’s the point? I want to listen through the bike’s audio not a pair of headphones. I understand if we were to make calls or speak to Siri – but who is going to do that while riding?


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