Harley-Davidson LiveWire Completes First U.S. Border-To-Border Ride

California resident Diego Cardenas has completed the first known U.S. border-to-border ride aboard a Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle. Cardenas’ journey began at the U.S. Mexican border and ended at the U.S. Canadian border, covering over 1,400 miles on his H-D electric motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Border-To-Border Ride

From Press Release:

In the past few months, the world has found new ways to celebrate momentous life achievements. Riding motorcycles has been one such outlet – especially new motorcycles that are groundbreaking, like Harley-Davidson’s first electric motorcycle, LiveWire™.  

Diego Cardenas, a California resident, was hoping to spend June 30, 2020, in Spain celebrating his 50th birthday. This Spring, he knew he was going to need a new plan, but he wanted it to be something he was passionate about — a trip he could do that allowed him to maintain social distancing but also be memorable and unique. So, he set on a new plan, riding his LiveWire motorcycle from the U.S. Mexican border to the U.S. Canadian border using the West Coast Green Highway, WCGH. The WCGH is a network of electric vehicle DC fast charging stations located every 25 to 50 miles along Interstate 5 and other major roadways in Washington, Oregon, and California. 

“I wanted to be a part of Harley-Davidson history and have my future grandkids be able to talk about how their grandfather was the first H-D electric motorcycle owner to do such a ride,” said Cardenas. “I wanted to show the world that electric charging infrastructure is growing and be an inspiration for others to try riding electric motorcycles like the LiveWire.” 

On June 22, Diego started his epic trip from San Ysidro, CA. He rode over 1,400 miles and on his 50th birthday, June 30, he reached his goal by making it to the U.S. Canadian border town of Blaine, WA. Along the way, he did live social media reports of his progress and fans following along on his journey were able to meet him in person and cheer him on. He also made plenty of stops along the way to do a bit of sightseeing with his wife and eight-year old daughter who were along on the trip in a car.  

“The trip was unbelievable, such a great journey,” said Cardenas. “The West Coast Green Highway is a really good idea, there are so many options that you can be confident you will get to where you need to go. Also, if you pull up and cannot use one charger, you have additional ones super close by. It’s darn awesome! Please spread the word, this is so doable. If you have an electric motorcycle, or any bike, just get out and ride during these challenging times. Do a road trip, it helps during these stressful times to free your mind and body to see new things.” 

Cardenas’ journey can be found at this link, he also is the founder and creator of this page. His mission for the group is to bring together electric vehicle and non-EV riders to ask questions, get ideas and support the EV motorcycle riding community. 

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Border-To-Border Ride


  1. Diego; you are the “man of the age” , this being the use of battery powered motorcycles. Hopefully you will help convert some folks along the way. It’s not for me at this time, but your trip and positive words will keep that thought going. I sincerely hope that the motor company will consider putting life sized pictures of you and the bike in every showroom.

  2. “Epic” “Momentous” “Historic” “Unbelievable”
    A 50-year old guy rides a $30k motorcycle 156 miles per day for 9 days with a chase vehicle.

    It REALLY isn’t that impressive.

    • I certainly have to agree with Fred above. While I can see potential for electric bikes someday I ride in the mountains and deserts of CA/NV. Not much infrastructure/chargers. Maybe someday.

  3. At half the $30K pricetag I might consider the LiveWire as a second or third bike. I ride a Goldwing right now, but I’m 77 and I doubt that within my lifetime there will be enough improvements in charging time, i.e., that you can charge the bike fully in about 5 minutes, and enough charging stations so that it would be practical for riding without a careful route to make sure you find a charging station before the bike is a dead weight, to consider ANY electric as my primary bike. So for now, the Livewire is sort of like my little 150cc scooter: a fun toy to zip around town, run errands, and just give a change of pace to my riding of my Goldwing. But not many will be willing to pay anything near $30K for a little toy.

  4. Haters are going to hate. Just because his ride wasn’t impressive to you, that means you can’t celebrate his accomplishment?

    I absolutely love that picture of Diego standing next to his bike. And the fact that his family came along for the trip makes it that much more.

  5. Fred and David Howard nailed it. So, climate nuts call us haters because we see the fallacy, absurdity and gross ineptitude of a failing Company, with an incompetent BoD, destroy a brand and cost thousands of jobs/careers in pursuit of folly as the Motor Co. built a bike that nobody wanted. Of course, Mr. Cardenas has the right to waste his money any way he sees fit, but I’m not obligated to cheer his self-rightous, self-aggrandising unremarkable 2 wheeled journey as so-called moto-journalists cheer on from the sidelines.

  6. All electric vehicles share the same weaknesses. NO range. Complicated. Expensive. Why would anyone buy a Live Wire ?
    I will say that HD deserves some credit for even bringing a product to market that no one will buy.
    Anyone feel “The Gubment” lurking in the shadows around Milwaukee ?
    The Live Wire made the trip in the same amount of time that the Pony Express did a 150 years ago ! And those guys had NO chase pony either.

  7. I agree with Fred I’m not impressed, My brother and I have done that many miles in two days with no chase vehicle and not dependent on finding a place to plug in. We ride because we love it not to attain an achievement that isn’t that substantial if you break it down but kudos to him to have the courage on such a machine. Really eye catching Equipment

  8. Well, good for him…glad he was able to do that for him and his family…. sounds like a cool road.. nothing like that in the Notheast or in New Mexico.. so electric is a non starter except for around town I guess..
    . $30k seems like it should be maybe $10k and they’d sell some.. why couldn’t Harley at least make it look like a Harley? My hat goes out to HD for putting it out though.. ya gotta start somewhere, just not at the $30,000 price. My nice car new didn’t cost that much… Does Harley think we’re a bunch of rich guys?

  9. So, to some of us this wasn’t up to the level of walking on the moon. I totally agree. However, it was a positive act that didn’t harm anyone, didn’t destroy any property and probably made his child very proud of her dad. It also cast a positive light on motor cycling which can never hurt our non-riding friends perspective of the sport.
    It also made some folks aware of the continuum of facilities available to the motoring public, via that route who, were previously unaware.

    I see much more positive than negative regarding this ride. I choose to look for the good in people and events and to dwell on the bright side. My Mom tried to teach me to keep my negative opinions to myself and to refrain from raining on others parade. A little of that lesson could have been applied here.

  10. Yo Fred, someone isn’t a hater because they simply disagree. Words mean things.
    Look how happy Diego is . It’s neat to see & I’m happy for him tho I do agree that EV’S aren’t for me & are priced to high with little return IMO. Read some of the comments directed at the early automobile drivers that paid more for their vehicle than the cost of a horse & had to buy gas from a drug store because it was deemed to dangerous for easy access by the general public.
    Way to go Diego!!!! You’re the 1st to do it!

    • I agree Dale, one of the problems with the inter-net, to much negative b/s!
      Well Done Diego, finding Your own joy & happiness is what Motor Cycle riding is all about (for me)!
      Enjoy Yourself & EV, life is short!

  11. Yo Greg, someone isn’t a hater because they simply disagree. Words mean things.
    Look how happy Diego is . It’s neat to see & I’m happy for him tho I do agree that EV’S aren’t for me & are priced to high with little return IMO. Read some of the comments directed at the early automobile drivers that paid more for their vehicle than the cost of a horse & had to buy gas from a drug store because it was deemed to dangerous for easy access by the general public.
    Way to go Diego!!!! You’re the 1st to do it!

  12. Hello All

    This is the guy who made that ride and I wan to to thank you for your words (positive or negative). All that matters to me is that I made it and enjoyed my adventure. Be safe! #rideon

  13. I know a guy who rode a Zero motorcycle along the same route as George Wyman did in 1902 to do the first motorcycle crossing of the US. His book on the adventure is in process. That trip is a more impressive one for an electric motorcycle – no Green Highway – just lots of extension cords!

  14. Not that there’s anything wrong with electric vehicles; they are the wave of the future. But they’re not for me in the present. Until battery life, charging speed and charging stations are as convenient and quick as a gas stop, I’ll take my propulsion powered by explosions.

    I wonder how long that same border-to-border ride would take, say, Texas to North Dakota…

  15. I’ve read comments on the warrantee that level 3 charging is limited to every fourth charge or the 5 year unlimited warranty on the battery may be void. That fact should have been mentioned in the story and probably the reason for so few miles a day if he kept within warranty limits. H-D should be able to put a 6.6 kW level 2 charger on the bike so battery does not have to be cooked by a level 3 charger as often and allow quick charging for meal breaks.


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