Honda Releases Info on CB-F Concept

Honda CB-F Concept.
Honda CB-F Concept. Images courtesy Honda.

This darn coronavirus is just mucking everything up. Virtual unveilings and press releases just don’t have quite the same impact as dramatically pulling a sleek black sheet off a new model, bright lights and flashbulbs popping off the paint, at an international auto or motorcycle show. Honda had originally planned to unveil its CB-F Concept, a CB1000R-based homage to “Fast” Freddie Spencer’s ’80s superbike, at the 36th Osaka Motorcycle Show and 47th Tokyo Motorcycle Show, both of which have been canceled.

Don’t fret, Honda, we still think this is a gorgeous machine, and we hope it becomes more than just a concept bike. Continuing the CB’s 60th anniversary theme, the CB-F Concept hearkens back to the classic air-cooled inline four CB900F and CB750F (famously raced by Freddie Spencer), complete with a cool white, silver and blue livery that should look familiar to anyone who remembers Freddie’s Daytona race bike.

Honda CB-F Concept.
Honda CB-F Concept. Images courtesy Honda.

Of course, this isn’t an old-fashioned tubular steel-framed, carbureted, air-cooled machine; it’s based around the potent CB1000R, with its 998cc DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder inline-four, high-tensile steel mono-backbone frame, single-sided aluminum swingarm and inverted fork.

What do you think? Should Honda turn this CB-F Concept into a production bike? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Yes! It looks like a very cool bike and much better looking than most of the other new bikes hitting the market, such as the R18!

  2. I really hope this comes to market! With a neutral seating control layout, I’ll be in the market. It looks great!

    • This may be considered conservative styling (stodgy) to many but to my eyes looks just right. If Honda were to indeed produce this bike I would definitely consider parking it next to my vintage CB for some company.

      • Yes, definitely.

        I can’t wait to see this unit in my garage.

        DCT is an option for this CB-F Concept? I will be glad to hear from you Sir. Thanks

  3. It’s Retro…. will probably be over priced like all retro stuff….does it have to have all the extra bells and whistles? the originals didn’t….

  4. Here’s my concept; a thoroughly updated CBX! Keep that stress-member air-cooled motor but make it lighter, fuel injected and revamp the suspension. Shod with some 21st century rubber and just watch ’em fly out of the dealerships!

  5. If it was a Kawasaki it might sell but somehow Honda makes worthy, safe but un-exciting bikes. I have had more Honda than any other manufacturer and after the initial appeal, I move on to a Kwacker or European like BMW or Ducati.

  6. Honda needs to sex up the headlight and the horns need work. What a time to want to bring a new motorcycle to the market!

  7. Looks fantastic. Honda is really honing in on the retro theme in a great way, and the fact that this model has a potent inline four engine, tuned for torque, along with a modern responsive chassis, will make this one a winner. Looks fairly multipurpose too – street cred, likely track days…all it needs is a mount for some soft small bags, and it could be a real Swiss Swiss Army knife.

    • Hope that mono-backbone frame does not intrude into the fuel tank so much that it will hold more than 3.5 gallons. Looking at you Suzuki Katana

  8. Gee, it almost looks as good as my 1981 cb900F SS (bought new, & still have) ….I guess it cant help but be an “improved” version in the ride/handling/power/ electronics depts….but you just can NOT beat the looks of the original! Now excuse me while I go give my 900 a big hug & polish some chrome…..

  9. It looks fantastic! The bars would need to be a liitle closer to the seat for me. Honda, please keep the weight down and add passenger grab rails that can be used to steady the bike when deploying a rear wheel stand.
    I don’t like the current trend of humped gas tanks and absurdly steep upswept tail sections that preclude flat, comfortable seats.
    Build it without a snatchy throttle and I’ll be looking to buy.

  10. Brings back great memories. I had a 1980 CB 750F with red accents, not blue. Loved both colors. Not sure how long I would have kept it. I let my 18 year-old neighbor take it for a ride. It came back in several pieces. Life Lesson learned the hard way.

  11. Yes! Looks like it has a nice seat for a passenger, and if hard luggage can be mounted I see a terrific light touring bike. Keep the seat low and I’d be a buyer.

  12. Ooooh, reminds me of the CB-F 900 with a Mr. Turbo kit and installed that I should have bought instead of a CBX. If they make it I may buy one.

  13. I big, huge YES!
    I still have my silver 1979 CB750-F that I bought new in 1979. Honda did a great job matching the styling. I love it! Can’t get here soon enough!!!

  14. Yes – Yes. Turn the dreams of my 750f, 900f, and lastly my red and white 1100f into a realty. Were the best bikes I have owned.

  15. I would like to see something like a Nighthawk S. Don’t forget the shaft drive and the low maintenance motor.
    i am in.

  16. Absodanglutely! I had a CB900F + many other Hondas (CBs, CBRs, VFRs). Fantastic motorcycle. I added a small café fairing and it was a super sport tourer. I’ll never buy one of these “transformer” bikes that proliferate the market today. But this I would buy. Keep the weight down, and the price reasonable

  17. How is Honda measuring the feedback on this. I feel the urge to call the big cheese directly and tell them they need to make this and not to eff around!

  18. No. It will not sell. Honda has had an absolutely gorgeous cb1300F in Japanb that they should have brought over 20 years ago. This bike looks very similiar to the 1994 cb1000 that never sold well in the USA. FAIL

  19. This looks to be very nicely executed, retro done right. Takes me back to my ’80 750F. I would buy one in a heartbeat!! Honda are you listening?

  20. I read somewhere that this thing would demonstrate great thrust at lower RPM. I never ride above 7000. Love a stealthy quiet power that doesn’t make the “man” look up. If this and the retro style is true then bring on this beast, where do I make a deposit?

  21. Yes, had the original 750 in blue… Loved it and always wanted the 900, just never really got the chance. Fast, comfortable, neutral steering, and roomy enough for two-up riding. It was the classic UJM.

  22. Yes please Honda. Make it full power and all us proper people who love guality and power, beat Kawasaki with the ZH2 HONDA.

  23. By all means, BRING IT!
    Would really love to see a US release of the CB1300 Super Four, but if this CB-F is as close as we can get, roll that puppy out.

  24. I had a 1982 brand new CB750F, silver with blue stripes. Then went on to a 1983 CB1100F, dark blue model. If this model comes to Canada, I’ll put a deposit down now!!….let’s go Honda Canada


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