New Gear: Star Brite Motorcycle Cleaning and Fuel Treatment Products

Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard, Xtreme Clean and Enzyme Fuel Treatment.
Star Brite Ultimate Bike Guard, Xtreme Clean and Enzyme Fuel Treatment.

Don’t put your bike away for winter while it’s still dirty! Use Star Brite’s Ultimate Xtreme Clean, with a non-caustic formula that blasts away grease, grime, bugs and more without scrubbing or water. Just spray on, wait 15 to 30 seconds and wipe off. Follow up with Ultimate Bike Guard to restore shine to fiberglass, polished metals and painted surfaces while UV inhibitors protect it and prevent fading. Finish up with Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment and you’re good to go!

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  1. Mark Tuttle ;
    I’ve been using STar-Tron form 2006 when a friend of mine infromed me that it would stop the spark knocking or pinging in My Yamaha 650 V-Star after the last tune up. Started it in my V-Star and the knocking pinging stopped in the second tank fill. After that I started in my wife’s 650 V-Star an in the second tank fill of gas the bikes was running like they we on level ground. then in 2009 we went out and upgraded to 2(two)1100 Yamaha V-Star Silverado my wife and I has been riding together from the 1st year we were marryed in 1978 and we still ride owr own bikes and from day 1 use Star-Tron on the 2009 with out any concerns and I think it help with all the up keep with the I give to the Motorcycles and all the other engines, I have to keep in good running condition. We live on a what is called Vickerman Hill in upstate New York State just south of Mohawk NY and the no concerns when we head north into the Adirondack Park there higher peaks. I also use it into all lawn and garden equipment also in my sonwblower with out any concernsas long as the engines are cleaned and in good working order and I haved no concerns with the fuel systems caused by the use of Ethanol in my the air cooled engines.
    (Vickerman Hill Elevation is 1,142 feet (348 m)with a 2 1/2 mile down hill run with a speed limit of 45MPH)


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