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Warm & Safe Generation Waterproof Heated Liner
Warm & Safe Generation Waterproof Heated Liner.

As cold weather looms, one debate reliably emerges on a riders’ forum I frequent. On one side are those who try to stay warm with extra layers of clothing. On the other side are riders who discovered heated gear. This second group knows that adding heat to your body, at precisely the level that makes you comfortable, beats attempting to insulate your own body heat by piling on bulky layers.

But what if it’s cold and also wet? Last fall I did a 10-day tour from my native New England to the mountains of western North Carolina and most days it was cold, wet or both — but I was always warm and dry. A large measure of the credit goes to a Generation Waterproof Heated Liner from Warm & Safe.

Warm & Safe has been innovating and refining designs for heated garments and controllers for a quarter century, and its experience is revealed in the details. This liner is waterproof and breathable by way of Gelanots, a high tech, laminated, three-layer fabric. It’s made with hydrophilic polyurethane, which allows water vapor to pass out through the membrane but doesn’t allow liquid water to pass in from the outside. I was never wet or clammy on my North Carolina tour, despite days riding in cold, steady rain with the heat on constantly. Because this heated liner is waterproof, it provides an extra advantage for touring: not needing to pack a separate rain jacket to wear around camp or into town.

Unlike other waterproof garments I’ve worn, this one doesn’t feel stiff. It’s thin, light and provides good freedom of movement. The heat panels use soft, flexible carbon, and stretch panels in the side and back help keep the liner snug against your body for efficient heat transfer. There are two heat panels in the chest, two in the upper arms, one on the upper back, one on the lower back and a heated collar. The main zipper is the latest YKK model that is waterproof but without the rubbery feel I recall from earlier versions. Seams are sealed and the garment is washable. 

Warm & Safe heated gear plugs conveniently into a battery harness (included) and is best controlled using an optional Heat-troller. I use a Dual Remote Control Heat-troller (read the review here or in Rider, April 2018), which lets me separately control heat levels in the liner and my heated gloves. The liner is rated at 7.8 amps, 1.8 ohms and 106 watts at 13.8 volts.

Warm & Safe originally offered Generation Waterproof Heated Liners in four colors (black, gray, red and yellow) but most people chose black, and new production going forward will be just black. You may still find colors in certain sizes. And while some gear suppliers don’t appear to realize that men and women are different, Warm & Safe offers this liner in distinct models and sizes for men and women.

Warm is good. So is dry. The Warm & Safe Generation Waterproof Heated Liner is currently on sale for $289.95, and the Dual Remote Control Heat-troller is $139.95.

For more information, call (503) 212-4166 or visit warmnsafe.com.



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