2020 Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 | First Look Preview

2020 Honda Rebel 500 in Matte Armored Silver.
2020 Honda Rebel 500 in Matte Armored Silver.

Two and a half years after Honda made its totally redesigned Rebel the coolest little cruiser in town, it has announced that the 2020 Rebel lineup, both the 300 and 500, will benefit from some needed updates.

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First up is a reshaped and repositioned LED headlight, which on its own totally transforms the Rebel into a darker, more up-to-date cruiser. The four LED bulbs are set in a black housing, with the top two lighting up for low beam and the bottom two coming on as well for the high beam.

A smaller, less boxy taillight and small round turn signals also get the LED treatment, with the signals also getting a cool “halo” effect running light.

Suspension has been updated front and rear, and the already light-pull clutch is now an assist-and-slipper. While looking the new model over at Honda North America’s private museum in Torrance, California, just south of Los Angeles, I was able to pull the clutch lever in easily with just one finger.

2020 Honda Rebel headlight
New LED headlight looks the business, and we dig the halo LED turn signal/running lights too.

The other big news is a new LCD gauge, which now includes both a gear indicator and fuel gauge. Hooray for Honda’s design team listening to rider feedback!

Rounding out the changes for 2020 is a slightly revised seat, with firmer padding and a wider rear end for a more comfortable ride.

There is a wide range of Honda accessories available for the Rebel as well, including diamond quilted seats, saddle bags, fork gaiters and a headlight cowl.

The 2020 Honda Rebel will be available in dealerships in March 2020. The Rebel 500 and 500 ABS will be available in Matte Armored Silver, Graphite Black and Matte Blue Jeans Metallic. The Rebel 300 and 300 ABS will be available in Matte Fresco Brown, Graphite Black Metallic and Matte Blue Jeans Metallic. Pricing is TBD.

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2020 Honda Rebel 300 in Matte Blue Jeans Metallic.
2020 Honda Rebel 300 in Matte Blue Jeans Metallic.
2020 Honda Rebel taillight
Taillight has been reshaped and is now LED.
2020 Honda Rebel LCD instrument gauge
LCD instrument now includes a gear indicator and fuel gauge.


  1. Great looking bike. I wish they offered it with a bigger engine for us experienced riders.

    Nice updates for sure, but the new colors are bland and boring. People still like red. How can you offer a Honda motorycle and not offer it in red? And this bike did look good in red when they offered that color.

  2. That blue is freaking fly.. I’ve been debating pulling the trigger on this for a little while.. i’m glad i waited the new updates are going to be great! Looking forward to getting my hands on one in the spring!

  3. I find myself on the verge of buying the new Rebel 500. It now has almost everything I wanted compared to the previous years models. But it’s not quite there yet.
    I would prefer a 650cc engine and better color choices. As it is, I’m mostly leaning towards getting a Kawasaki Versys 650 for my next bike.

  4. I cannot wait for this bike! I think the Blue is perfect! Red is basic and typical. Plus clashes with all my riding gear colors. Honda, dont listen to everyone regarding the red color. Now, to convince my husband to let me buy it rather than waiting until next year when the price is lower or a used one.

  5. Like the new honda rebel,Wanted to buy one,300,one. The honda corp.would not finance me.I am elderly with steady income,They got a letter of complaint from me. Yet they will finance a 21 yr old.Go figure.


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