Learn the Basics of Motorcycle Maintenance at City College of San Francisco

Moto 90 motorcycle maintenance course CCSF

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in a motorcycle shop? Or just want to learn how to change the oil on your motorcycle but don’t have enough garage space at home?

City College of San Francisco has a course for that. The college runs several motorcycle courses every semester, and a new semester is starting up August 17, running until December. Classes last eighteen weeks. Students attend from all over Northern California.

You’ll probably want to start with the Moto 90, Introduction to Motorcycle Technology course. It will give you an overview of motorcycle history, competition, and culture in class sessions, and also plenty of time to learn how to work on motorcycles in the fully-equipped shop.

Moto 90 courses run Monday and Wednesday evenings, from 6:30 to 9:20, or Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Half the time is spent in the classroom, the other half in the shop, so there’s plenty of chance for hands-on wrenching, and also the chance to talk about motorcycles with enthusiastic classmates. 

Other, more advanced courses are offered once you’ve passed Moto 90 (or pass a challenge test, if you have extensive motorcycle experience already).

Oh, and how much does it cost? If you’re a San Francisco resident, the classes may be free; residents of other California counties pay $46 per credit unit (Moto 90 is a 4-unit course), working out to about $265 a semester (still a bargain)!

For more information, go to CCSF.edu or call the Admissions department at 415-452-5101, emailadmit@ccsf.edu, or email instructor Andy Saunders at asaunder@ccsf.edu


  1. “the classes may be free” i am redident so hopefully will be on of the maybe guys hahaha. will go tomorrow . Really thanks for sharing this usefull informatiomn to us


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