2020 Suzuki Katana | Video Review

The 2020 Suzuki Katana is a modern interpretation of the Hans Muth-designed 1981 GSX1100S Katana, an icon of late 20th century motorcycle aesthetics. The new version has edgier lines and is built on the GSX-S1000 naked sportbike platform. We traveled to Japan to ride the new Katana on Kyoto’s Arashiyama-Takao Parkway, and you can watch our video review below. Or click the link at the bottom to read our complete First Ride Review report.

Read our complete First Ride Review of the 2020 Suzuki Katana here!


  1. It’s significant when a manufacturer can reach back in time to appropriate design features of their own making and apply them to a contemporary model. Not sure if this bike looks like it’s father or mother, but the family resemblance is unmistakable. It’s kinda like hearing Lukas Nelson sing, makes ya wanna roll one up for the road . . . again.


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