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Scorpion Trey overpants
Scorpion’s Trey overpants are designed to be worn over your regular jeans, for protection on the bike and an easy switch to a casual look off the bike.

Riding pants are such a key part of rider protection that it’s surprising to see so many nearly naked legs on the open road. By that, I mean riders wearing jeans or other pants that will turn to shreds when they touch down on tarmac. Why risk your precious skin when vented, convertible overpants like the Scorpion Treys provide the protection to prevent serious skin loss if you pitch off your scoot? 

OK, off the soapbox to focus on our test of the Trey ventilated pants, starting with airflow. This comes from large panels of polyester mesh on the front and back of the thighs and lower legs, and it is quite comforting on a warm day. There’s plenty of protection as well, thanks to stout 840-denier ballistic nylon covering the vulnerable knee area, backed by vented, adjustable CE-approved knee armor.

The remainder of the Treys is sewn from heavy polyester fabric, with a light mesh lining throughout. A big plus for Scorpion is fitting CE-approved hip pads, something you won’t find in all overpants. And flex panels above the knees help me swing a leg over my lofty BMW F 800 GS or squeeze onto my petite Yamaha YZF-R3.

When the weather turns from nice to nasty, a zip-in, breathable H2O Blok liner greatly increases the Trey’s temperature range and keeps the wet stuff at bay. I was comfortable riding in Big Sur’s drippy fog at 50 degrees with the liner and my thin silk long johns, and into the mid 90s without the liner while wearing heavier riding tights. Hip-to-toe zippers on the liners match up with their counterparts on the pant legs, facilitating entry and exit with boots on.

The Trey mediums fit me well out of the box, per Scorpion’s sizing guide, and have adjusting tabs at the waist for fine-tuning. Leg length can be hemmed up an inch or so without bothering the leg zippers, which are hidden beneath flaps that use a minimum amount of hook-and-loop to secure. A small tab at the cuffs closes with hook-and-loop to seal things up, and their button-type waist closure won’t pop open in a fall like snaps can. A pair each of zippered front and rear pockets provide as much storage as jeans, only more securely.

As expected with Scorpion garments, the Treys are very well constructed, and while other vented pants I’ve worn may pass a little more air through larger mesh, I feel better protected in the more substantial Scorpions. Treys come in black only and run from $199.95 to $219.95, depending on size, and are available in men’s small through 3XL, with tall sizes from large on up. 

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