2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard | First Look Review

2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard.
2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard

Harley-Davidson has announced a stripped-down, fundamental version of its Electra Glide touring bagger dubbed the Electra Glide Standard. Powered by the Milwaukee-Eight 107, the new Electra Glide Standard is aimed at the rider looking for a simpler experience: no screens, no infotainment, just a motorcycle.

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The Electra Glide Standard features chrome trim pieces and polished rocker, cam and derby covers, along with selected blacked-out components for a blend of timeless and traditional. It’s also equipped with many of the ride and handling technology of the rest of Harley’s Touring line, such as electronic cruise control, hand-adjustable emulsion-technology rear shock absorbers, a 49mm front fork with Showa dual bending valve suspension, and Brembo brakes with optional Reflex Linked and ABS features.

Behind the classic batwing fairing, a glovebox takes the place of an audio system, and a single scooped touring seat is standard (a pillion seat is available as an accessory).

The Electra Glide Standard is available in dealerships now, in Vivid Black, starting at $18,999.

For more information, visit harley-davidson.com. Scroll down for more photos.

2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard.
2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard
2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard.
2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard


  1. Actually I think it’s a cool idea, even though I don’t care for fork mounted fairings. I would take it over all the techno-garbage I personally would prefer a cable clutch and definitely like the option of non-abs. But I’m a self-proclaimed old fart! And the price is “reasonable” for a guy on a fixed income. Just my .02 BTW: I’ve been riding for 44 years, and I know how to read road signs and paper maps, don’t need, nor want GPS.

    • I’m glad to see there is someone else who feels the way I do about a good motorcycle being without all the fancy techno-junk. You’re supposed to enjoy the ride, not worry whether your GPS is working properly. Also, I could care less about a stereo system on a bike. If I want to listen to a stereo, I’ll drive my car. A plain motorcycle was what I grew up learning to ride. I like the fork mounted fairing because I hate having to look down at the tank to check my speed and gas level and as far as the cruise control, I think every production motorcycle should have it.

    • Ditto, Jack. I’m 70 years old. Ride a non ABS BMW now and, of course there are reasons why ABS would be good, but even with ABS, there is a chance of rear wheel lock up on cold, wet asphalt coming downhill when you let out the clutch. So ideally ABS should be accompanied by a slipper clutch, and now we are heading back toward higher cost. And infotainment is lost on me.

    • To an old fart from another old fart, Don’t care for ABS huh? I would love to have a stopping contest with you on your non ABS machine. There should not be a motorcycle sold without it . Had ABS been on hundreds or even thousands of motorcycles involved in so called ” I had to lay her down”! crashes there would be untold number of folks still riding in place of being severely injured or dead.

    • No ABS? Are you kidding me! You will never know it’s there, until it saves your life. Trust me on this, non of that old fart lip service lol. Go watch some Moto gp videos. If it’s good at 230mph why wouldn’t it be even better at 75mph in a down pour? Or the A hole that blew his wet grass clippings onto the blind corner in front of his house?

      • I have a 2007 without abs and a 2014 with. I can stop the bike without abs faster and local motor officers agree ” would have hit that car if you had abs”. I hate hearing the rear brake go CLUNK, CLUNC, CLUNK.

  2. I had a 2004 EG Standard. It was one of my favorite bikes. I went back to dynas for the past dozen years but this new EG Standard with M8 has me interested. The price point is good.

  3. It would be cool if the fairing were removable and an optional speedo could be attached to the bars instead. I realize there would be a lot of wiring to contend with. Still, maybe H-D could figure out a way to make it possible and simple to do.

  4. Like the idea of bringing back the “standard”… I’d take it over a SG any day… BAD MISTAKE THOUGH in my opinion, going with the 107 instead of 114, when it’s already used in other touring models… but not everyone wants the bigger power… thanks

    • Sure does look like a way to charge you more for less, doesn’t it? However, it does say “Harley Davidson” on it and that alone is a $5K charge.

    • Picked mine up Thursday. About 15% off MSRP out the door. Harleys don’t sell at MSRP plus at my dealer. Being vertically challenged HD works for me. No 34 inch seat adventure bikes here.

  5. I have always disliked the “movie theater” infotainment/GPS/GeeGaw screen. A simpler cheaper Glide has my interest…

  6. I had a MY2000 EG Standard, carby model. It was the ultimate build-you-own-Harley. Loved that bike. Might be tempted to go round again. Don’t need a topbox – strap on a carry pack. Don’t need a sound system – a set of pipes and the engine is all that’s required. Made my own glove box insert so stuff didn’t get away. Would like to see some alternative colors, but black is OK. Not a poor-man’s EGlide – rather a thinking-man’s one.

  7. For those that don’t know…. Harley used to have an Electra Glide Standard for years.
    Everyone that owned the Standard loved it and “made it their own”. But Harley decided to put chrome on the standard instead of polished aluminum and put 1″ lower socks on the rear. They even included a stereo. Then they decided to call it a new name… “Street Glide”.
    Funny how Harley is going back to what had good sales in the first place…. a stripped down badger… prior to the Street Glide.

  8. In The Netherlands the Electra glide standard 2019 is not a bargain bagger .The price is 29500,00 euro’s (luxury Taxes with ABS).In Belgium the price is 25500,00 euro’s. In Germany the price is 24895,00 euro’s. Big differences in price in Europe.
    In the Netherlands the Road King en the Road King Special 2019 are Cheaper than the Electra Glide Standard 2019.

  9. I’m 80 yrs. Old and have owned about every m/cycle made, including dirt bikes. I rode the Electra Glide Special. I loved the fell of the B engine
    I own a 2015 FLHTCU I bought new in May 15, I have 64,000 miles on it and haven’t got.to.ride much the last 2 yrs, about 16,000miles each yr. The bottom line is H D has priced thierself to the limit that people can get a lot more standard equipment on the Indian! Plus they stopped putting money in their racing program! They forgot what wins on the weekend sells on monday! I stopped at an Indian dealer last week and they had 53 H D for sale! The proof is in the pudding as my dad always said!
    My suggestion would be to sell the Standard for $15,000 out the door. Colors white, red, and black and watch the m/c fly.out the door and they come back and add $8,000 to 10000 in acc. Were the bread and butter is! Just an old man’s opinion! I hope you will.survive! My family wants to.be able to.get parts & accessories!

    • For Harley Davidson to survive they have to price the bike so they make money. They have never been “cheap-o” bikes…….EVER. I have been waiting for the Standard to come back since I bought my 2007 Standard. At the time I didn’t get cruise control and lived to regret it since Harley quickly went to throttle by wire that made cruise control electronic. They obsoleted the cruise for my 07 and I was out of luck. Maybe now Ill get my cruise control with a new bike wrapped around it. Welcome back Electra Glide Standard!

      • Robert, from one Robert to another, the same thing happened to me when I got my 2007 Standard. Passed on the cruise and ended up screwed just like you. I don’t know if I can give up my 07 for a new one and a a bike payment. We will see. My 07 took some time to get right and now that it’s right I don’t want to start all over with a new bike, cruise control or not!

  10. To bad it’s not actually an ELECTRA GLIDE STANDARD but instead is just a street glide standard!! Where is the driving lights? Where is the front fender trim? I have a 99 Electra glide standard and love it and would live to get a brand new one but I want all the classic style that comes with a true electra glide and do not want a wanna be street glide!! So please if anyone from Harley is reading please consider building an actual Electra glide standard like it should be

  11. Many owners of the old Electra Glide standards cut down the windshields, put on LePera seats and lay down tail lights. HD didnt invent the Street Glide, they copied what we were doing to make the Standard look cool and called it the Street Glide. My 2004 had 117,000 miles on it when a deer totaled it.

  12. Really like the Electra Glide Standard it’s a simple motorcycle like my V-Star 950, that cost me half as much. Relieable, simple and smooth is my V-Star.

  13. I had a 2008 Electra Glide standard put booming stereo system in it and a lot of extras never had on problems with it and traded it in for 2016 Road king that has been in and out of shop for various reasons and has less than 9000 miles on it, I have feeling this is not going to kick off like the older Electra Glide standard, watch the reviews before buying anything. Its sad the way Harley Davidson can treat someone who has been a part of the Harley Davidson Family for many years…

  14. Took this bike for a test ride around the speedway at Daytona Bike Week. Loved the motor and ride . The bike is a no brainer for Harley what ever they choose to call it with a fair price . Fairing is pre wired for stereo should you like to listen to music. I’m sold . My ’07 Fat Boy & ’05 LowRider will be for sale soon.

  15. I bought one and I love it. I still have my old girl 2002 Electa Glide Standard but now it’s a Screeming Eagle 103 Strokes with chrome and loud pipes. I’m 68 and retired need a quieter more smoother and more dependable ride and better gas mileage. This Harley has what I want. Just want to ride for a long distance and get there and back, without worrying about it as I ride it. I’ll take my 02 for a shorter trips from now on.


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