Bridgestone Battlax A41 Adventure Tires | Gear Review

Bridgestone Battlax A41 Adventure Tires.
Bridgestone Battlax A41 Adventure Tires.

Our July issue included my review of Bridgestone’s new Battlax T31 sport-touring tires based on a one-day test ride in Morocco. Bridgestone’s Battlax press launch was a double feature, with a second day of testing devoted its new A41 adventure tires. Replacing the A40, the new A41 is a 90-percent on-road/10-percent off-road tire aimed at adventure riders who spend most or all of their time on pavement.

Suitable for adventure bikes ranging from middleweights like the Triumph Tiger 800 to open-class powerhouses like the KTM 1290 Super Adventure, Battlax A41s are designed to give confident grip in all weather conditions on all surfaces. Its redesigned tread pattern has a higher land/sea ratio (larger tread blocks with smaller grooves) on the shoulder for better cornering grip, new groove angles for improved water dispersion and a large tread block in the center of the rear tire for high-speed stability.

A new carcass includes Bridgestone’s Monospiral Belt Construction, which strikes a balance between block rigidity and deformation to provide both stability and feedback while cornering. Dual compounds (softer on the shoulders, harder in the center) are used front and rear, with the rear using a cap-and-base configuration. Bridgestone claims that, compared to the A40, the new A41’s contact patch is 5 percent larger and wet friction is 9 percent higher.

Our 200-mile test ride kicked off with 30 miles of hard-packed gravel and dirt. Riding a 1,000cc Honda Africa Twin, which has decent grunt and rides on narrow 21-/18-inch tires, the A41s hooked up well and responded dutifully to steering inputs as we blasted our way across Morocco’s barren countryside. The rest of our route was on smooth highways and rough pavement that twisted through canyons.

Chasing our throttle-happy French ride leader, the A41s provided reassuring grip, especially under hard braking, felt steady at high speeds and transitioned effortlessly during rapid back-and-forth turns. Alas, our short, desert-based test meant we didn’t have a chance to evaluate wet grip or tread life. 

Available now, Battlax A41 tires are available in seven front sizes (17- to 21-inch diameters) and nine rear sizes (17- and 18-inch diameters). 

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  1. Recently purchased a set of A41’s for my CB500X- even before the recommended ‘wear in’ period, these tyres are awesome, I have so much more confidence in them coming from Trailmax’s. Hope I can still get them next time my tyre change comes around! Bike more responsive, lean stability is great, and appears to have improved my fuel efficiency- low gear ratio’s extended…love ’em!


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