Favorite Rides & Destinations #6 is Live!

Favorite Rides and Destinations #6 coverFavorite Rides & Destinations is an online motorcycle touring and adventure magazine from the editors of Rider. It includes touring features with printable maps, inspiring photography, reviews of useful products and expert tips to help you have memorable touring experiences. And it’s mobile-friendly, so it’s easy to view and read on your smartphone or tablet.

Click HERE to view Issue #6 of Favorite Rides & Destinations for FREE. You can also view past issues #1-5.

Epic Rides from Favorite Rides and Destinations #6
One of the Epic Rides from Favorite Rides & Destinations #6.


  1. Looking for Sport/Touring riders in Colorado willing to travel for a few days 500 – 1,500 miles next August or September in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming or Montana. Stay at local hotels and plan our trips annually.


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