Video Review | 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT

2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT
Road testing the new 2019 Yamaha Tracer 900 GT on the back roads of Washington state. (Photo by Brian J. Nelson)

Yamaha’s all-new 2019 Tracer 900 GT is a premium, touring-ready replacement for the FJ-09 sport tourer. Weighing a little over 500 pounds and equipped with cruise control, saddlebags and other touring amenities, it’s ideal for the solo traveler. Click on the player below to see Rider‘s video review.


  1. Yup – ugly and tip over = busted signal light.

    Speaking of tip-over, why do riders feel the need to cross the center line with their upper body. Doing this on a blind curve could be disastrous!`

  2. Checks a lot of my boxes…light, nimble and fun with Yamaha’s excellent saddlebags. Unfortunately, I sat on one and with the tall seat height—even with the seat adjusted to the lower setting; it is too tall and negates the lighter weight. Guess I’ll keep my trusted FJR.

  3. Exhaust is hideous. Wheels are one color, bags another, gold forks, yellow shock? Needs shaft drive. No one produces a middleweight shaftie anymore cept for Guzzi which has no dealer network. Suzuki bring back 850G or Honda 700SC with shaft drive, oil cooled, no adjust valves. Seca 750. Where have all the good shafties gone?

    • Besides being low maintenance shaft drive saps power, drive lash or jacking, adds weight and people think they need no maintenance which leads them to fail. Chain maintenance is easy takes very little time and cheap to replace.

    • I agree. Many years ago I had. Honda CX 500 shaft drive. I rode it all over Australia over dirt, sand and clay roads and across rivers. Very reliable low maintenance.

  4. I ride a 2014 FZ O9 bought new and love it. Installed a fuel controller and headers. Now the bike is a winner in town and on the road. I have always owned Yamahas and I am 80 years old and I ain’t done yet. Waiting for my magazine to get here

  5. A bit disappointed with this review. It sounded like he was reading from the Yamaha product brochure. Everywhere else puts the HP at 115 not the HP= 100 as stated here. This is the only review I have seen that sparked so many negative comments. I am still very interested, as with a bit of haggling this would be a lot of bike for the right price.

  6. I bought one last February. Have first 1000 kms on it and very happy so far. I have always been a fan of shaft drives, but these days you have no mess wax or teflon chain spray lubes and with centerstand it is a one minute job every 700 kms or so. With proper maintenance chains and sprockets now last up to 50k kms.


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