Did a Motorcycle Helmet Just Save George Clooney’s Life?

Rider doesn’t normally post clickbait crash videos, but as you’ve no doubt heard by now “Oceans 11” actor George Clooney was involved in a car/scooter accident on the Italian island of Sardinia on July 10. Clooney’s publicist reports that he only suffered minor injuries, is recovering at home and will be fine, but based upon on the video above and reports from the scene, there’s a very good chance that Clooney’s motorcycle helmet saved his life. The actor wasn’t racing or performing a stunt for a movie; he was simply riding to work at 8:15 a.m. like many of us do every day when a Mercedes failed to stop, made a left turn in front of him and collided head-on with Clooney’s scooter, which was traveling at a significant rate of speed. CNN is reporting that Clooney only suffered minor injuries despite smashing the windshield of the car that hit him. Photos from the scene clearly show the car’s windshield is smashed from the outside in a circular pattern that is probably from the helmet.
All of the Gear, All of the Time, friends, especially that helmet. Glad you’re going to OK, George!


  1. I’ve worn a helmet for the 20 years I’ve been riding. I hate it, especially when it’s hot. I’ve never had a mishap (crossing fingers). This is what I wear it for. You just never know when something could happen.

    • What colour helmet do you wear? Most commonly seen is black, but that’s a poor choice for a sunny day. White is best and more visible to others too.

      • I hate it BUT I got back into riding and bough a hi visibility Arai helmet. I don’t know if people are seeing me more but I’m trying to put all the odds in my favor like gently tacking back and forth hoping that it makes me stand out more to left turners and intersection blowers.

  2. The difference between George Clooney going to work, and me going to work, is that when he gets there, he is George Clooney.

  3. I always wear a helmet, and have for the 46 years I have been riding. I had my first bike for two weeks and was involved in an accident (along with 15 cars and 2 semis) in 1972. Hairline scull fracture and multiple abrasions. The helmet cracked upon impact. Could have been my head.

  4. I began riding in 1967, and the first thing I got was a helmet. In 1970 I went over the handlebars at about 65 mph, did a series of somersaults, and broke said helmet. My head, however, was completely fine. Never do I ride my bicycle or motorcycle without a helmet.

  5. My first motorcycle when I got out of the military ( 1969 ) was a CB 350 ,the Honda dealer gave me 2 free helmets. Have wore full face helmets since the late 80’s .

    • SO many times we look at one thing and then instant blinders.

      I been riding with a helmet for 40 years, snowmobiling, bikes, dirt, road. Mainly FF helmets. Yep hot in the summer (older ones) new ones not so bad. My black one moves lots of air through. I been catapulted off my snow machine a few times racing. I was fine, rolled from head to toe, snow all over. All was well. Bugs, stones hit me all the time. I rather keep my sweat on my hair, than leave my hair on the pavement.

    • Seriously?? Car violates right of way of scooter and manages to stop before impact and you think that puts the blame on scooter pilot who was unable to stop or swerve? Wow…….

  6. When I started riding at age 16 in 1971 I bought a Bell R/T. At that time it was the best helmet that money could buy, with the exception of Bell’s full bucket helmet. You could buy cheaper helmets for 1/3 to 1/2 the $40 price of the R/T but I figured that I had just one head. And I was making $1.30 an hour working at the car wash. When I wanted a second helmet for a passenger I bought the same helmet rather than getting a cheap one. The first helmet was white and the second orange, both chosen for conspicuity (no Hi Viz in 1971). I had a 14 year old friend who raced on the amateur circuit, so he had all the gear. I got a call one evening from another friend saying that he had taken a quick ride on the trails without his helmet. He crested a rise and collided head on with another rider. After days in a coma he died. I will NEVER ride without a helmet.

  7. If you don’t wear the best helmet money can buy, or even worse you don’t bother with one, you are a candidate for “Nature’s Selection” with your weakness being stupidity!

  8. I`ve been riding since 2008 and it ain’t no big deal to wear one any protection is better than none in my opinion especially with the amount of traffic on the road these days and the lack of the average car driver to still not think about bike riders at junctions and when overtaking even though most have loud pipes.


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