Did a Motorcycle Helmet Just Save George Clooney’s Life?

Rider doesn’t normally post clickbait crash videos, but as you’ve no doubt heard by now “Oceans 11” actor George Clooney was involved in a car/scooter accident on the Italian island of Sardinia on Tuesday. Clooney’s publicist reports that he only suffered minor injuries, is recovering at home and will be fine, but based upon on the video above and reports from the scene, there’s a very good chance that Clooney’s motorcycle helmet saved his life. The actor wasn’t racing or performing a stunt for a movie; he was simply riding to work at 8:15 a.m. like many of us do every day when a Mercedes failed to stop, made a left turn in front of him and collided head-on with Clooney’s scooter, which was traveling at a significant rate of speed. CNN is reporting that Clooney only suffered minor injuries despite smashing the windshield of the car that hit him with his helmet. Photos from the scene clearly show the car’s windshield is smashed from the outside in a circular pattern that is probably from the helmet.
All of the Gear, All of the Time, friends, especially that helmet. Glad you’re going to OK, George!


  1. I’ve worn a helmet for the 20 years I’ve been riding. I hate it, especially when it’s hot. I’ve never had a mishap (crossing fingers). This is what I wear it for. You just never know when something could happen.


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