Help Make a Motorcycle Film a Reality

Motorcycle journalist and independent filmmaker, Jeff Buchanan, has announced a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for “A Man in La Mancha,” a unique, motorcycle-themed motion picture.

Previous to his career as a motorcycle journalist, Buchanan was an award-winning commercial director and indie film producer, whose films have screened at Sundance and the prestigious Deauville Film Festival.

Film synopsis:


A timid accountant is shaken from his complacency when his son is killed while serving in Iraq. In the emotional aftermath he discovers his son was planning a motorcycle trip when he returned from war; to retrace the route of his hero, Don Quixote. In an uncharacteristic turn the grief stricken father decides to take the trip himself. Falling under the spell of the novel he takes on the persona of Quixote: growing a goatee, speaking in proper English and christening his son’s GS “Rocinante” (after Quixote’s horse), even going so far as to “tilt” at a modern wind turbine. The grieving father eventually discovers a long dormant joy by becoming untethered from the constraints of life.

“A Man in La Mancha” is a dramatic motion picture with a prevalent motorcycle theme, presenting a BMW GS as an integral character. Buchanan explains, “It is my intent to create a moving film that embodies the freedom and adventure inherent in motorcycling. Borrowing from Quixote, the film is a whimsical tale that sees its protagonist opened to a new and gratifying life as he treks La Mancha aboard a GS, searching for chivalrous deeds.”

The Kickstarter campaign for “A Man in La Mancha” launches November 7th. Interested parties are invited to show their support by visiting after the launch date.


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