2018 Honda NC750X | First Look Review

2017 Honda NC750X
2017 Honda NC750X (European model shown)

The U.S. will finally receive the larger 745cc version of Honda’s midsize crossover adventure tourer for 2018, which gets a number of updates for the New Year including 2-level Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC, a.k.a. traction control). The 2018 NC750X will arrive in dealerships next summer with the liquid-cooled, transverse, SOHC 8-valve parallel twin punched up to 745cc and the rev ceiling on the automatic Dual Clutch Transmission version raised to 7,500 rpm so riders can take full advantage of the engine’s peak power in manual mode. The DCT also offers two automatic modes, Drive and Sport.

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The 2018 NC750X features twin balancers and a 270-degree crank for smooth running with a distinctive, character-filled throb to the engine feel. The bike has an upright, natural riding position and a 22-liter “frunk,” or front trunk, where the fuel tank would normally be, large enough to hold a full-face helmet. The fuel filler is under the passenger seat. All LED lighting is complemented by a contemporary instrument panel and tall windshield for sport touring. Pricing has not yet been announced.

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  1. I’m a touring/camper. Do you still have to lift rear seat to put gas in it? What a bother. Any after market gismos around that?

    • Ted: I rode my NC700X on a 10K mile cross country camping trip and can tell you that while I would prefer to not have the fuel tank under the pillon seat it’s not a huge deal if you use cargo straps with quick release buttons. It’s not enough of a reason not to get and NC if you like the other features of the bike.

  2. Does it come with the mounts to install factory saddle bags? Top box? Does it come with a center stand? Electrial outlet(s) for gps, RD, heated grips, etc. If it is being called an adventure tourer those items should be standard, or at least OEM accessories.

  3. i thank honda for letting the new bike out with the shifting or not but lets think as all drivers are not 6 foot tall lets look back at the 305 dream and the early 750s all with 29 inch seat we need a air cooled twin 750 maybe take the 1100 and put a twin engine their. plus able to put saddle bags and a rack and center stand no plastic frame for saddle bags i hate water cooled air cooled bikes do not over heat i have owed manly in the past from 90 to 305 500 to 750 not one over heated unlike the cx 500. crash bars will help too thank you JAY


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