Indian Opens Spirit Lake Experience Center

Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center
The Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center showcases past and present Indian motorcycles.

Since roaring out of the gate with its Polaris-backed relaunch at the Sturgis Rally in 2013, the new-and-improved Indian Motorcycle has shed the dubious reputation of selling overpriced, underbuilt cruisers simply to cash in on the iconic brand name. Every motorcycle in Indian’s current lineup—from the mighty, Art Deco-styled Roadmaster to the mid-sized, muscular Scout—exudes a combination of smart engineering, classic style and first-rate quality.

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Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center
Inside the spacious lobby of the Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center.

To celebrate the historic Indian Motorcycle brand, which holds the claim as being America’s first motorcycle company (it was founded in 1901, two years before Harley-Davidson), the company has opened an Experience Center at its Spirit Lake, Iowa, manufacturing facility.

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Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center
The Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center offers tours of the assembly line.

The Indian Motorcycle Spirit Lake Experience Center showcases current and historic Indian motorcycles and offers behind-the-scenes tours of its production facility. Visitors can watch the assembly of motorcycles from start to finish and see brand-new, complete Indian motorcycles roll off the line, ready to be shipped to dealerships around the world.

Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center
Outside Indian’s Spirit Lake, Iowa, production facility.

“As America’s first motorcycle company, we have a rich history and a loyal following of motorcyclists,” said Steve Menneto, President–Indian Motorcycle. “Right in America’s heartland, the Experience Center not only serves as a unique destination for motorcyclists to engage with the brand, but also showcases our outstanding people who build premium motorcycles.”

Indian Spirit Lake Experience Center
Current-model Indian motorcycles on display in the Spirit Lake Experience Center.

The Experience Center is open for complimentary tours on Mondays and Fridays until November 3, 2017, with tours resuming in 2018. Tours are conducted by appointment only—call Indian Motorcycle Spirit Lake at (712) 336-6955.



  1. I’m over in New Zealand. I love my dark horse and she gets looks at every place I go. I left the Harley scene when I brought the bike in 2015 and don’t intend going back.

    If I could offer Indian (Polaris) one small piece of advice. “Don’t over price your parts like Harley!” If you want to win more people over to the brand put out affordable accessories and parts. For instance I went to buy a set of rear panniers for my dark horse and was floored at the $6000.00 price tag.


    People are sick of Harley BS prices, don’t follow them you’ve got a great product.

    Blessings from down under.

  2. Indian accessories are few and WAY overpriced, much moreso than Harley’s. Dealers are too far apart. Motorclothes offerings are sparse. THESE are the areas that determine whether a motorcycle company is profitable. The bikes aren’t where the money is.

  3. Indian is asking $40 for their Tshirts. Way, wayy overpriced! I have a man make my Indian shirts by airbrushing my own Indian designs for $25 which includes the shirt istelf, and he does these custom and 1 at a time. Indian, lower your Thsirt prices please.
    Plus, upgrade parts for Indians are priced at least 2 if not 3 times what they are worth.
    These 2 facts are what keep me from buying a Polaris Indian. For now, I am sticking with my Gilroy Indian, that I purchased with 7,000 miles for one third its original cost. I can still get parts for ity for less than the cost of parts for Polaris Indians. This bike turns heads even of those who don’t like motorcycles.

  4. That wouldn’t be an Anglican Minister “Rev” would it?
    Dave from the Redeemed – New Zealand
    PS: Love the Indian styling – almost “Flash Goldon – Steam Punk” must be a real chore to clean though, these sculptures should never be parked in a garage but be stored in pride and place in living rooms.

  5. Copying is the greatest form of flattery – HD have begun copying the Indian frame.
    Give them something to worry about. Design an Indian car!
    The VRod is the only design HD has done that has put them into the 21st century.
    HD have lived off loyalty far too long and need someone to challenge them.
    The Indian designers are very ingenious and very cool, keep extending yourselves.


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