Honda Launches #WhatLiesBeyond Video Campaign

Honda has launched the first video in a five episode series to promote a new 2018 model announcement on October 24, 2017. Called #WhatLiesBeyond, the first video is decidedly travel oriented, which suggests the new model is going to be a touring bike of some sort.

The initial episode, which went live last week on Honda’s powersports website and social-media channels, explores the motivation behind riders exploring unknown roads and seeking out new experiences aboard their motorcycles. It features inspiring action and lifestyle footage of a disparate collection of Honda models, while a voiceover concludes, “We know home, but what we don’t know is what lies beyond.” The video closes with the #WhatLiesBeyond hashtag and the date 10.24.17, which is when the new model will be revealed.

“It’s always a thrill to kick off a new marketing campaign, and we think the first episode in this video series is entirely worthy of the significant 2018 model that it’s intended to promote,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Powersports Marketing Communications at American Honda. “We’re proud to showcase our products’ features and benefits, but sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and simply celebrate the act of riding a motorcycle. We look forward to releasing episode 2 next month.”

Rider will be at the launch of the new model and will bring you the details as soon as they’re released. Post your guesses in the comments!


  1. 2019 Goldwing with a 3.0L flat 8. 190hp, 230lb/ft torque, 7 speed manual trans or 8 speed auto (dual clutch) or CVT transmission. Also, Turbo Option (260hp).

  2. Honda has not updated the motor since 2001, they let all the competition get so far ahead of them, that the new models well be maybe too late for them. I wonder if they will come out with their own unique designs or just clone harley and bmw as they had done in the past? I hope they fix all the problems with the goldwing and make it a much lighter bike with decent gas milage, not the over weight gas pig it is now.

  3. Honda hasn’t been playing the game lately.
    They haven’t really been competing in the cruiser market.
    There dirt bike division has gone south. with cheap suspension ect.
    There ATVs are old and not sought after as much as there competition.
    The Goldwing needs a refresh (Years ago)

    I just bought a second bike and went with a Kawasaki Versys.
    I wanted a Honda Rally but all the testers said the suspension was bottoming to easily and the motor lacked power.

    Hope they get this one right!!!!!


  4. The consistent rumor has been that Honda is going to reveal a new Goldwing, if so, I may just buy one. Hopefully they don’t copy the sporty ergos of their competitor.

      • I don’t like sport tourers period, and my two prior bikes were the VFR800, and the ST1300. They’re a compromise on both ends, too heavy to be truly sporty, and ergos are not as all day comfortable as a Goldwing for example. We don’t have the autobahn here in the United States, and I don’t ride more than 10 over the speed limit, so why the sporty ergos might make sense in Germany, they make no sense to me here, and a BMW dealership isn’t in a convenient proximity to me. I think they make a fine bike, my dad and brother both had them in the past, they’re just not what I want.


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