Video Review | 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber

2017 Triumph Bonneville BobberWhile most manufacturers simply take an existing model, shorten the fenders, put a new handlebar and a solo seat on it, and maybe give it some blacked-out effects, then slap a “Bobber” name on it, Triumph went all-out on its 2017 Bonneville Bobber. This is a whole new machine, and it’s just as fun to ride as it is cool to look at. Click on the video player below to see it in action.


  1. The 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber looks pretty impressive until you get to the front end. There are really three things that need to be changed to make the Bobber look really great. First : A pair of 12″ or 14″ apes need to be added to the front end. This would give the Bobber a more classic look. Second: Highway, or crash bars need to be added to protect the engine and exhaust pipes in the event you drop the bike and give the rider the opportunity to add highway pegs so that when the time comes on a long road trip to stretch out, the rider can do so without difficulty. Third: Lose the chain drive and install a toothed belt instead. The belt will last longer and will not be so apt to come off the rear cog and lock the rear wheel down which could cause serious injury to the driver.

  2. My son just bought this as his first new bike. He went in to but a Thurxton, rode both and hasn’t stopped smiling since. He is 6 ft tall at 165 lbs. The seat is adjustable fore and aft, so he moved the seat all the way back and loves the position. We went for a ride through Malibu yesterday, and every where we stopped drew the looks and comments.

    Great job to Triumph.


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