Zero Motorcycles Now Supplies 100 Police Agencies in North America

Zero DSR electric bike with police package. Images courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.
Zero DSRP electric bike. Images courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.

Zero has announced that the Vancouver Police Department in British Columbia, Canada, became the 100th fleet in North America to leverage Zero’s stealthy electric motorcycle line by purchasing two bikes from Daytona Motor Sports.

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Electric motorcycles are uniquely suited to the needs of law enforcement and security agencies, and Zero developed several models specifically for this highly specialized and exacting market. The Zero DSP, Zero DSRP and Zero FXP models were developed to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement and security agencies. Powered by the 100-percent electric Z-Force powertrain, Zero’s police motorcycles are a cost effective means to patrol a wide variety of terrain. In addition, they excel in areas where noise and exhaust are particularly noticeable, especially indoors. Patrol models are fully equipped with pursuit emergency lighting and sirens, safety components, and functional storage options for patrol items and emergency medical equipment.

In addition to the Vancouver Police Department, Zero Motorcycles can be found in police and government fleets in 24 different states and 2 Canadian provinces. In North America, 15 university and college police departments have also chosen Zero as their vehicle of choice, and 12 departments have gone onto purchase additional motorcycles after their positive experiences with their initial purchase.

An officer poses with a Zero DSR police bike.
An officer poses with a Zero DSRP police bike.





  1. Great! In the 1960’s the British Police had 200cc Velocette water cooled motorcycles that were very quiet. They caught a lot of bad guys prowling at night. These are a great application.

  2. Plenty of short, frequent jaunts around the city centre. That makes a lot of sense…

    … but I’m still not interested in an electric motorcycle unless they can range a good 300+ miles in a day, and I don’t think we’ll be there for a while.


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