Yamaha Teases All-New Bike To Be Unveiled at Americade Rally

Yamaha Journey Further
Yamaha Journey Further

Yamaha has released a new video entitled “Journey Further,” announcing an upcoming new model unveiling that will take place at the Americade Rally in Lake George, New York, June 5th at 7:00 p.m. Eastern time. The unveiling will be broadcast live via  https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/transcontinental-touring.

While Yamaha has been extremely tight-lipped about the new model, we can make a few educated guesses as to what we might expect to see in June. For one thing, Yamaha seems to be focusing on touring–it released two videos prior to this one, that were made available only to a select group of Yamaha motorcycle owners, both of which revolved around touring on two wheels. And as per Yamaha’s own press release today, “’Journey Further – Part Three,’ moves beyond storied tributes and captures commentary related to the features most desired for touring motorcycle models.”

Then there is the fact that Yamaha has chosen to unveil the new model at Americade, which claims the title of the “world’s largest multi-brand motorcycle touring rally.”

Rider is a title sponsor of Americade, so we will be there with a front-row seat when the mystery bike is unveiled, and we’ll admit that we’re pretty excited to see what Yamaha has come up with.

To view the “Journey Further” videos, visit https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/transcontinental-touring.


  1. My guess is something to compete with the Gold Wing. Seems obvious it will have a sporty fairing with 4 lights, heated seats, reverse, all sorts of luxury for rider and passenger…

    • If you watch the video on the Yamaha Star website from the link in the article, it sounds like it will be a competitor to the full dress Harley and Indian models with lots of gadgetry, rather than something like a Gold Wing or a sport tourer.

      It makes sense, there’s more of the black leather and tassles crowd than there are people wanting to ditch their Wings. For better or worse Honda will own the Gold Wing segment forever, unless they do something stupid.

      Yamaha had their chance in the 80s with the Venture Royale, as did Suzuki and Kawasaki with their Cavalcade and Voyager models, and more recently Victory’s Vision, none of them were ever going to displace the entrenched loyal Gold Wingers over to other models. There definitely is a market for Gold Wing alternatives (BMW K1600, et al) but as the other big three found out, it’s damned difficult to take significant market share away from Honda in that particular segment.

      • JMO but I believe Yamaha has a real chance of taking a good chunk of the Goldwing’s sales if they get it right with this bike. Honda has sat on the 1800 platform for entirely too long. I owned an ’07 GL1800 from ’07 until ’12. I won’t be considering another Wing until an update.

  2. On Yamaha Motorsports’ website, the Journey Further video has the STAR graphic and if you watch the videos, the people in them are all STAR cruiser owners. So “a select group of Yamaha motorcycle owners” seem to be owners of STAR motorcycles. To me this doesn’t mean a Gold Wing competitor but more like a Harley Ultra series competitor.

    Since I’m more into “supersport touring” I’d much rather see Yamaha build the European MT-10 (FZ-10) Tracer GT concept and sell it on this side of the pond. We need something to fit between the FJR1300, which is getting a little portly with all its tech upgrades, and the FJ-09.

  3. The bike I’d like to see, as a Seca 900/Concours 1400 owner (but also as a 76 year old rider with ebbing leg strength) would be a reverse trike with front wheels that lean in turns, more or less identical to the concept FZ-09 based bike Yamaha has already shown. Another v-twin bagger, in today’s crowded market, is of very limited interest.

  4. I predict it will have A de-tuned VMAX motor, since the VMAX sells poorly they need to recoup the costs of that fantastic engine.

    • That’s essentially what the old Venture was. As others have mentioned the fact that the “Star” label is being used, it’ll most likely be in competition with the Electra Glide or Indian Chieftain, not so much the Goldwing. That being said, I hope its release gives Honda a wake up call & they got off their lazy arses and give us an updated Wing!!!

  5. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The GoldWing is a motorcycle platform unto itself. No need to change anything.

  6. Goldwing competition or a comfortable v-twin touring bike . Both would be good as Yamaha makes excellent motorcycles.
    Had a tour deluxe and a stratoliner,and both were super machines. If the Looks are good and the price is right then I’ll try one. Honda goldwing is a great bike, but it seriously needs updated styling and tech upgrades.

  7. I would go for something like Honda’s turn of the century Valkyrie, or the four-cylinder Venture. I do not care for two-cylinder bikes, and don’t own any. A new Venture built around the VMAX power plant would be nice. I would get a VMAX except that I’m too short to ride it comfortably. I hope they do not cover it in Tupperware and put fairings on it. That would be a deal-killer for me.


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