Rider Contributor Jeff Buchanan Releases New Book, ‘Collected Wanderings’

"Collected Wanderings" book cover.
“Collected Wanderings” book cover.

Slake your thirst for adventure and enjoy the stories of two-wheel adventurer and moto journalist Jeff Buchanan, with his new book, “Collected Wanderings,” now available on Amazon. Buchanan, who has contributed to Rider amongst many other magazines, often infuses his writing with philosophy and experiences and observations that aren’t just about motorcycles.

As the book’s official description states, “‘Collected Wanderings’ is a compilation of Buchanan’s favorite and most heartfelt articles and columns, culled together from a globetrotting career spanning fifteen years. At times introspective, thoughtful, humorous and sad, the writings presented here offer an entertainment of reading to be savored by riders and non-riders alike.”

The articles and columns included in the book cover rides from the (real) route of the (fictional) Don Quixote to the Cremona, Italy, home of Stradivarius, the famous 18th-century violin maker, and many wanderings in between.

Before he elected to join the ranks of moto journalists, Buchanan worked in Hollywood as a commercial director and indie film producer. Motorcycles represented a full-circle journey, however, as he raced in his younger years and served as a mechanic for Team Maico on the 1982 AMA Motocross Championship.

“Collected Wanderings” is currently available on Amazon at a U.S. retail price of $12.95.

"Collected Wanderings" author Jeff Buchanan.
“Collected Wanderings” author Jeff Buchanan.


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