iXS Nemesis Jacket and Nandi Pants Review

iXS Nemesis Jacket and Nandi Pants.
iXS Nemesis Jacket and Nandi Pants.

If the iXS name sounds familiar, it’s because the Swiss company has been making motorcycle apparel since 1979. We’ve tested iXS apparel before, and although it hasn’t been available in the U.S. for the past few years, the brand recently re-entered the market through a wholly owned distributor, iXS USA Inc. The iXS catalog runs the gamut—on- and off-road gear, leather and textile, everything from jackets and pants to boots, gloves, rain gear, base layers, accessories and casual wear.

iXS’s Nemesis jacket and Nandi pants are a mid-priced, versatile combo for touring. The textile garments have a 500D Airguard outer shell with 630D Dynax panels on the shoulders, elbows/forearms and knees and a nonslip panel on the seat. Inside the shell is a soltoTEX Z liner membrane that’s waterproof, windproof and breathable—it kept me dry in steady rain during the Honda Africa Twin press launch in South Africa—as well as a mesh inner lining. Because the soltoTEX membrane is not removable, this gear gets pretty steamy on hot days and is best suited for mild to cold weather. There are small vents on the shoulders, forearms, back and thighs, but they don’t flow much air and the air doesn’t penetrate the waterproof membrane. On the other hand, when temperatures drop, zipping in the full-length Cynix thermal liners adds a cozy inner layer that isn’t too bulky.

The Nemesis/Nandi are well made, with tasteful, modern design and a slender European cut. In addition to the abrasion resistance of the outer shell, there is removable, CE-approved impact armor at the shoulders, elbows, back and knee. There are four outer pockets on the jacket and two on the pants (none are waterproof), as well as two inner pockets on the jacket (which are protected by the soltoTEX membrane). Fit can be adjusted at the collar, arms, waist and hips, the collar has a soft fleece lining to prevent abrasion and there are reflective details. The pants have stretch panels in the crotch and behind the knee for added comfort, and there’s an 11-inch zippered gusset at the cuff, but I wasn’t able to get them on and off over boots.

Overall, I like the fit, functionality and style of this suit. I appreciate the convenience of apparel with waterproofness built-in, which saves me the awkward hassle of stopping on the roadside to remove my jacket and pants and struggle to put in liners. But then again, in a dry, warm climate like we have here in Southern California, I’d gladly trade that convenience for better ventilation. If you live or ride in cool, wet climates, this gear is worth your consideration.

The Nemesis jacket is available in men’s (S-5XL, short M-XL, long M-XL) and women’s (S-2XL) sizes, in black, black-white, black-red-white or black-safety yellow, for $339. The Nandi pants are available in men’s S-4XL, black only, for $279. For a matching women’s pant, try the Nima Evo, which comes in S-2XL, black only, for $189.

For more information, see your dealer or visit isxusa.com.


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