MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs Review

MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs
MFW Vario Adjustable Footpegs

Finding a motorcycle with ergonomics that suit you shouldn’t be a matter of going from showroom to showroom sitting on different bikes until you find one that’s comfortable. But that’s how it works out sometimes, forcing you to pass up a bike you otherwise like because the seating position hurts your knees or back or wrists. While there are plenty of products to relocate handlebars, only a few address footpeg position, such as MFW’s Vario bike-specific mounting system.

The footpegs on my 2012 Triumph Bonneville were too high for my creaky knees, and remained so even after I had a taller custom seat built. The Varios offered me the hope of stretching out a bit, so I ordered a pair of Bonneville-specific footpeg mounts, two sizes (23mm and 30mm) of displacement arms and a pair of black Master Grip footpegs.

The Vario mounts replace the stock footpeg assemblies, and went on the Bonneville easily using the stock pivot and spring. The mounts are indexed with grooves to allow the displacement arms to be rotated to one of eight positions around the center bolt. Then the footpegs are attached to the arms.

There was such a wide range of adjustment that in most positions the Vario pegs were too far from the shift lever and brake pedal, or too close; the possible positions all lie on a circle so you can’t move the pegs all the way up and all the way back, for example. I initially experimented with the pegs lower and rearward, but the reach to the controls ruled that out. So I settled for just lower, and attached the 30mm arms at the 6 o’clock position and bolted on the pegs. After some trial and error, I got the shifter and brake pedal adjusted for easy operation and went for a test ride.

On the road, the difference was immediately noticeable. Subsequent measurements showed the Vario setup lowered the footpegs about 11⁄4 inches from stock; that sounds like a small change, but it felt like a big one––I’d almost swear I heard my knees purring like contented kittens.

If I were the sort of rider who left a trail of sparks in every fast corner, I might worry about how much lower the pegs are now, but I’m not and I don’t. Still, it’s something to be aware of as some riders might find the Varios get in the way of the fun in the lower positions. You also need to take a look at your bike’s shifter and brake pedal to see how much adjustment they offer before you consider the Varios. If everything lines up for you, however, you’ll find the Vario footpeg system a welcome relief from the confines of your bike’s restrictive seating position.

The Bonneville-specific footpeg mounts I used sell for $62.95 per pair; mounts are available for many other bikes, too. The displacement arms go for $66.95 per pair and the Master Grip footpegs in black or silver are $35.95 per pair; other styles of footpegs are available. Vario also makes adjustable passenger footpegs that use a 50mm displacement arm.

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  1. Looking to buy a set of 30mm lower footpegs for 2008 t100 efi triumph can you give me all up price to Australia 4560. Regards Ted.


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