Yuasa Battery Offers Free Battery Technical Manual for Technicians and Owners of Powersport Vehicles

Yuasa Technical ManualYuasa Battery Inc., the worldwide leader in powersports batteries, has created a free, downloadable technical manual that will enable technicians and owners alike to find answers to any battery-related questions that might arise.

The 28-page manual offers in-depth information about how a battery operates, new battery activation, installation tips, maintenance advice and discussions on how to get the best possible battery life. In addition, the manual discusses battery charging, as well as methods for testing a battery and determining its overall condition.

The manual is available for free download at

The manual is divided into sections that explore battery safety and basics; charging and discharging; selection and activation; installation, testing and maintenance; and a glossary of terms.

“The manual allows us to impart our years of battery manufacturing expertise to our customers and other interested parties,” said Hitoshi Ohta, chairman and CEO of Yuasa Battery Inc. “It is primarily put together to help any users and customers get the most from their powersports batteries.”

Yuasa Battery Inc. is a premier manufacturer of powersports batteries in the United States. Due to the proven quality and reputation established over several decades, Yuasa is the leading supplier of batteries to the leading original equipment manufacturers, distributors and dealers throughout the world.

For more information about Yuasa batteries and the full line of Yuasa performance products and premium accessories, visit yuasabatteries.com.


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