Yamaha Champions Riding School Now Offering Ride-Better Videos

The Yamaha Champions Riding School is now offering ride-better videos on YouTube. Riders looking to improve their skills can check out the “Inside Insights” videos put together by the instructing team at YCRS. The short pieces were produced by eyeball, the marketing team that has represented YCRS since it moved to New Jersey at the start of 2014.

“These short videos were a ton of fun to shoot,” says YCRS’s Nick Ienatsch. “Ken Hill and I picked about a dozen topics and tried to have a little fun while explaining some concepts that will really help riders. A lot of people want to attend YCRS and we hope these pieces help get them thinking like a champion.”

If you want to watch the “Inside Insights” videos, click here. There are currently 12 different episodes, including “Practice Makes Permanent,” “Performance Anxiety” and “Body Position for New Riders.” Most are 1-2 minutes in length.


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