AltRider Kicking Up the Dust With the 2014 Taste of Dakar Ride

AltRider believes there is no such thing as too much adventure, and they’re proving it with this year’s Taste of Dakar ride. AltRider’s 2014 Taste of Dakar gives riders an experience on stellar off-road routes created by none other than Dakar racing legend Jimmy Lewis. The all-encompassing event also includes catered dining and adult beverages, scenic camping in the desert, and training for riders of all skill levels. The 2014 Taste of Dakar Ride will be held on Friday, February 28, through March 2 in Pahrump, Nevada.

Riders joining the three-day event begin at the Wine Ridge RV Resort in Pahrump. After setting up camp, head out to Jimmy Lewis’s training grounds for the Dakar Rally-a gorgeous desert with mountains filled with miles of sand dunes, cracked riverbeds, and rocky trails amongst the arid brush. Riders will mingle with fellow adventure enthusiasts, followed by southwestern catered dinners and adult beverages by the campfire.

AltRider_Taste_of_Dakar 2014
“We put on this ride to address the three excuses we always hear from riders; I don’t know how to ride, where to ride and don’t have anyone to ride with. Now there are no more excuses!” said AltRider President Jeremy LeBreton.

The Nevada desert provides riders with all-day adventure through some of the best off-road riding in the west coast. The riding itself will begin with a condensed tutorial on off-road riding, teaching expert techniques and tips on the desert terrain. The rest of the afternoon will be spent out experiencing the truly epic GPS-led rides through the desert landscape. The ride is designed with a few separate routes catered to riders of different skill levels, offering the thrill of Dakar to novices and experts alike.

LeBreton says this ride is awesome for riders because “it is an event for all skill levels; we get true beginners and advanced riders alike having a great time. Riding knowledge gained from time and experience is shared among the group.”

AltRider_Taste_of_Dakar 2014
Riders also have the option of attending a one day class with Jimmy Lewis Off-Road Riding School on Sunday March 2nd. The course focuses on teaching riders skills to tackle off-road riding on ADV bikes. The class is taught by Jimmy and his expert training staff, and is heavily discounted from the normal price. Learn more about Jimmy’s class here.

For enthusiasts looking for a rugged weekend experiencing the thrills of a Dakar-style outing, join AltRider for the 2014 Taste of Dakar. Registration covers two-night camping accommodations under the stars, five catered southwestern-style meals, vouchers for alcoholic beverages, prizes and awards from AltRider’s event sponsors. Participants should bring camping gear and their plated off-road motorcycle. Registration for the event is capped—those interested can search Taste of Dakar on to get more information.



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